Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Game HQ is gamers’ heaven in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. The store sells all sorts of games, from board games and card games to miniatures. It has a large open floor for gamers to play, well, games. The store also sponsors tournaments throughout the year. If you are ever in the Oklahoma City area, then Game HQ should be one of your destinations.

9118 S Western Suite B

Oklahoma City
United States
Telephone: 405-691-0509

Points Scored Per Theatre

Battles Fought Per Day, Per Theatre

Top Commanders Ragus Torococcus 3 pts
Battle Hardened Ragus Torococcus 1 rep
Most Commended Ragus Torococcus 2 comms
New Recruits
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Ways are Closed--For Now Twilight Glades
Ragus Torococcus
VS Undead