Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The WalkingDeaD

The Varangur
Warlord Sneek
VS The Empire of Dust
The begins

"The Varangur army was marching through the great forests of Mantica, and large yellow eyes watched as the army raised and prayed to Koorgan, the great old trees creaking and howling with the fierce wind that whipped the great old forest. who was in the rearguard of the army taking care of the most wounded and old who were still on the march began to notice that the wind was carrying a message ... "Arena and Blood" ... The Warlord is a fiercely to his sorcerer to prove the inevitable, he climbed one of the ancient and crisp trees and could see over the sea of leaves as he approached the sandstorm, the battle would be unavoidable. The Sorcerer communicated what he saw to his Lord of War, who with a smile on his face began to raise the songs of war for his warriors to prepare for the feast ...... Today would dine in the day in hell ...... "

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The Varangur
Warlord Sneek