Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Ratkin vs Ogres in the Ardovikian Plain

2000+ POINTS
Warlord Massiskikk Scourge-bringer
VS Ogres
Danny Dunbar

As this was invade, both armies ended up placing their main killing power across from each other in the centre, with a hope to push through to the opponent's half.

On the ogres' left flank, they had deployed their goblin shooting and the ballista-mounted mammoth, wanting to turn the open area into a shooting range. The ratkin countered by sending the blight and death engine up that flank. Thanks to stealthy and a swarm-crier keeping them inspired, the blight were able to overwhelm the goblins and end the game in the ogre half. The death engine was not so lucky, being softened up by the mammoth from afar before being crushed in close combat. The mammoth ended the game in the ratkin half.

On the right flank, the ogres placed a horde of boomers and some red goblin chaff. The ratkin countered with chaff of their own, as well as two warlocks. The boomers were able to crush one vermintide regiment in combat and blow away one of the warlocks, but ratkin lightning eventually won out on that flank, allowing the remaining vermintide to hide in the woods in the ogre half.

In the centre, a multi-charge of two ogre hordes and a giant crushed the spear warrior horde in one go. The giant overran a little too far however (6) and was charged in the flank by the horde of brutes, who killed him. The two-handed ogre horde and the banner bearer then charged the brutes, killing them. This ogre horde was then routed by the shock troops horde. Meanwhile the other ogre horde finally killed off the ratkin warrior horde with the help of the ogre warlord, however ratkin shooting was then able to waver them both. The shock troops charged the standard bearer, but despite bringing him up to 20 damage the dreaded double ones appeared! In turn 6 (which turned out to be the final one) the shock troops finally killed the standard bearer, but the shooting could not remove either the warlord or the remaining ogre horde.

In the end, the ogres had 1 unit strength in the ratkin half (the mammoth) and the ratkin had 4 in the ogre half (vermintide + blight). Ogres killed 985 points to ratkin's 1310, leaving an attrition of 325.

Pictures below go right to left (not sure how to change the order).

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