Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign


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VS Abyssal Dwarfs
Bob The Bobish


Approaching the Ardovikian Plains the Salamanders smelled ash on the wind. Cutting and burning a path through the plains was a wing of the Abyssal Dwarf army intent on scorching the land while pillaging any village in their path. Sighting the black and red banner on the horizon the Salamanders pressed the attack.

Turning to face the desecraters

Turn 1

Advancing on the line of dwarfs the Salamanders pressed their advantage and advanced up the field towards the Dwarfs preparing for the charge. A few gouts of flame rained down upon the Immortal Gaurd but the fire-hardened regiment held strong.

The rockets took aim at the advancing salamanders and caused some minor damage as a it scattered the Youngbloods advancing on them. Moving forward the Decimators launched their torrents of flame at the large group of Pathfinders cutting a path straight through the scorched brush that littered the battlefield.

Turn 2

The assault was on as the Pathfinders continued their cut through to the Decimators facing them. The wings of his Fire Drake took him screaming over to the Halfbreed Champion hiding behind his Immortal Guard. Meanwhile the Guard took the full brunt of an assault of the Kaisenor Lancers.

The Komodon took shots again along with its smaller brother into the great weapon wielding Black Souls inflicting a few casualties but leaving them still ready to attack.

In hand to hand the Pathfinders crashed in and tore at the Decimators unfortunately leaving them standing strong. Along the flank more devastating results appeared as the Immortal Guard were cut down in a flurry of claws and spears trampling them into the ground and the Halfbreed champion nearly fell and was winded from the crushing advance of the Clan Lord and his mount.

Striking back the dwarves charged towards the Salamanders caught the Pathfinders in a pincer. While the flanks charged in to the advancing lizards.

The rockets scored a direct hit on the advancing Lancers to the left flank. The exploding rocket scattered and wavered the raptors.

Clashing in combat against the Fire Elementals and tearing at the Lancers however did not stop the advance as they saw the small dwarf Slavemaster whipping at the fire drake their Clan Lord rode ineffectually.

Turn 3

Despite the crushing slaughter of their Pathfinder brethren the Salamanders took advantage of the opening in the dwarf lines and surged for attack. The Fire Elementals roared into combat and the recovered Unblooded prepared to clean up. The Clan Lord seeing the decimation of the center line turned and left the flailing Slavedriver to break the great weapon Black Souls and deliver a devastating blow to their rear. Cleaning up for him, his lancers rolled past the bothersome Gargoyles and rushed to cut down the Slave Driver.

Taking aim at the gargoyles the Komodon and Lekelidon scorched them into the ground, leaving nothing but ashy remains. The Mage-Priest burst through the brush to launch a few fireballs at the already wounded Decimators scattering them to the winds.

The Slave Orcs were not nearly as prepared for the onslaught of flame as the hardy dwarfs and the flame rushed through them while the Unblooded tore into them from their flank leaving them decimated. The onslaught on the Blacksouls cut them down in a single blow leaving the horde bloodied and fleeing before the lizards assault. Finally the Slave Driver stumbled and stared down his death from the Lancers only barely escaping with his life.

Rolling in the Grotesques finally got a taste of combat and decimated the flank of the Lancers. While on the other flank the Slave Orc riders fled for the edge of the battlefield, hoping to score or flee from the Dwarves.

A quick volley of rockets unnerved the troop of Unblooded but failed to send them fleeing.

The second horde of Blacksouls cut through the flames and brought the regiment of Fire Elementals to heel. Taking a shot at getting some revenge the Halfbreed Champion rushed at the Clan-Lord and scored a solid blow but failed to bring him down, only drawing the ire of the Fire Drake he was riding.

Turn 4

With the battlefield clearing the two sides began to take down the wounded quickly. The Ancients and Unblooded swung into the remaining Decimators clearing them off only to lose the Unbloodeds to a retaliation from the Overmaster's onslaught.

The Clan Lord crushed through the Halfbreed and readied to take out the annoying rocketeers that had harassed his army, The Lekelidon rushed up to the Grotesques and fired a few shots at them to little effect resulting in its decimation soon after. The rockets took their last shot at the Unblooded and cleared them from the field.

Finally getting a good shot at the Slave Orc Riders the Lancers along the flank rushed in and crushed them to the man. Leaving the flank clear and empty for them to make it back across the field.

Turn 5 and 6

Cutting back across the field the Lancers rushed back across the field as the Fire Elementals finally fell to the Blacksouls and rolled forward toward escape. The Rocket Launcher fell easily under the Clan Lords crushing assault while the Grotesques and Slave Driver fled for the center line, escaping behind the lines while the Salamanders cut through the line themselves.

Bloodied and suffering losses the Salamanders had broken through the line after crushing through the dwarves and continued heading on towards the Edge of the Abyss.

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