Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Expelling crabs

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VS The Trident Realm of Neritica
End of Turn 1. Lightning bolt caused little damage to Thuuls.
End of Turn 2. Slow advancement. Abyssal riders are ready to charge or be charged.
End of Turn 3. Abyssal riders with Nimble are wiped out by counter-charge. I should have attacked Elementals or Hero with my Dark Phoenix (Dragon).
End of Turn 4. Abyssal riders failed to kill Elementals and wavered by them.
End of Turn 5. Abyssal riders regenerated and retreated. Dark Phoenix (Dragon) wiped out Thuuls and ready to do the same thing with crustaceans.
End of Turn 6. Abyssal riders finally did their job and ready to open portal! Dark Phoenix ate crabs. The Dark Lord Valdis on him is ready to unleash the horror too. Bolt Thrower got out of the harm's way.

Dark lord Valdis peered through thick forest canopy. Black Shard, his custom-bred dark phoenix, made his way through dark, stormy clouds above Twilight Glades. His warriors are not well-prepared for upcoming battle; many of them are tired and exhausted by long journey. But portals to sheer horror beyond imagination must be opened immediately! He saw primitive, fish-like creatures gathering around, with tools of destruction ready.
- Arise, my warriors! It’s time to claim this land. We will unleash horrors by our weapons, magic and finally - opening portals in forests. And who want to taste the flesh of fresh crab or octopus-man?
He heard bloodthirsty shouts in response.
His warriors gathered near the forest edge. Silent, moss-covered monuments of the past will see another bloody battle. Abyssal riders did not hurry to shed blood. Black Shard’s dark wings flapping above them inspired courage, and they immediately rushed forward. Great waves of water, raised by thuul sorcerer, crushed many of them. The sea giant was approaching our bolt thrower, but the dark portal attracted his attention. But the salty sailors had their own plan. They took their trusty gun and started to run circles around the stupid giant.
- If you want to get the job done well, do it yourself, Valdis hissed.
Black Shard dove for the ground. His metallic beak and razor-sharp talons tore apart thuuls. Valdis on his bird of prey made a steep turn, facing the threatening claws and thick carapaces of the crustaceans. They raised their claws menacingly, and the next moment Valdis cracked up several shells with his blood-stained halberd. Black Shard began to feast on meat. Valdis and his warriors will feast soon.

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