Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Losin' to Lubbering Abyssals!

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The Trident Realm of Neritica
VS Forces of the Abyss

The Lubbering Abyssals are a scurvy raked bunch. Though we tried to hold the way to the foul Nightsalkers, we weren't able to best the blighters even an inch!

Our inexperience Centurion started the battle with a bombardment of magically infused Harpoons and Leviathan's bane Heavy Harpoons, but, unused to fighting the sneaky and capricious demons, our Naiads proved ineffective and inaccurate against the swift footed and alluring succubi.

In response Circe the Siren, one of our most illustrious and beautiful Sirens, tried to manuver to use her alluring charms on the Abyssal host...the raging Lord of Lies had other plans for her. Swooping down on vile wings, the creature rammed and maimed the poor Siren from the air, causing her to route from the field with more than a little bruised ego.

Our ensnarers trying to intercept a unit of Effrets and Succubi in a nearby forest, hoping to use their knowledge of natural paths to out manuver the demons before they could attack our glorious warmachines. It proved futile however as the the natural treeline does little to stop scorching hot balls of flame from not only incinerating the trees, but cooking the poor Naiads as well.

Our riverguard attempting to Skirmish and viciously flank a unit of rampaging Flamebearers, led by their overeager Captain. It was alas short lived as a unit of Succubi flanked them from the side cornering the frogmen with beguiling charms and cruel blades butchering them where they stood.

Before the Bane could fire another volley, the Vile Temptress used her magic to conjure a fel wind buffeting the war machine out of position and to sure death as the Lord of Lies swooped in and crushed the weapon in seconds.

Our noble and sturdy Gigas though stalwart in their defense of the Reclaimer lines fell to an all around flanking manuver. The collapsed to the crab, with no survivors. Hopefully not on someone's plate.

Out of position and out number, our glorious Reclaimers fell or routed, including our noble Centurion, as it is better to live than die to lubbering surfacers.

With the enemy holding all of the objectives, their victory was assure and their foul Nightstalker allies freed.

Our defeat was so humiliating, that we hadn't even defeated a single unit on the field.

To be sure, our great Captain Undyne will seek vengeance on the Abyss dwelling horrors, and will put more than one of their heads on her glorious Trident.

All Hail Neritica!

(Note: I borrowed Corothan's photos for my report, with permission. I'm really new to this game so go easy on me!)

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