Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Nature strikes back!

2000+ POINTS
Forces of the Abyss
VS Forces of Nature

The Forces

Story and Summary

I managed to establish a beachhead at this damn place, without any mentionable casualties.
The troops I send after the remaining Naiads came crawling back. Their centurion told me, that they were attacked by the forest itself. I beheaded that fool!
I will lead the next patrol myself to show these idiots that there is nothing but a few Fairyfolk and some Naiads or Centaurs left in these woods. The rest of my legion will stay here and start to burn down and defile this place.


This was our second 2000 points game for the campaign and unfortunatly the last. As like the first it was played at the beginning of the campaign, I just did not manage to upload the report earlier.

We used the original Kings of War rules and did NOT use any rules updates from Clash of Kings 2017!

But we did use one of the scenarios from the Clash of Kings 2017 book.
We played "Ransack" (hold objectives with different VP values at the end of the game; we have marked them with dice in the pictures).

We mostly deployed on each others left flank.
I wasted my fast units and did some mayor mistakes with my flying Archfiend (I led him to far away from my army) and the positioning of my Individual (the Efreet gave my opponent the possibility to overrun and charge my Tortured Souls in their flank...).
smothmas on the other hand managed to swing around with his army while holding back the center. He completly crushed my right flank and after that the rest of my army.

Worst thing was, that I forgot to use the ability of my Well of Souls in the right moment. In Turn 6 I forgot to heal my Archfiend, so that he would survive the next attack and than fly above his attackers (That is allowed in the standard KoW rules!) to slaughter the almost dead unit at the 3 VP objective. We replayed that part to test it, it would have worked. We played just to early in the morning for me...

As like the last battle report:
A picture says more than a thousand words, here is the full battle report in pictures.
Hope you enjoy it!


There were quite many occasions in this game where we couldn't place our regiments safely were they belonged, so we used single models to show where the regiment is. The single models standing on the board indicate the corresponding edges of the regiments base where they were taken from.

The markers next to the units mean:
- red: Unit is wavering.
- blue: A unit was wiped out here. Sometimes the marker lies on top of the unit that was wiped out.



Abyssals Turn 1

Nature Turn 1

Abyssals Turn 2

Nature Turn 2

Abyssals Turn 3

Nature Turn 3

Abyssals Turn 4

Nature Turn 4

Abyssals Turn 5

Nature Turn 5

Abyssals Turn 6

Nature Turn 6, Turn 7 and Aftermath

Most of my army gets routed. I forgot to use the ability of the Well of Souls on my Archfiend. If I had remembered that, I would have won the game (we replayed that part afterward to test my theory)...

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Forces of Nature

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