Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Shattering Hope

2000+ POINTS
Forces of the Abyss
VS Forces of Nature

The Forces

The Abyssal Forces from left to right: 1. row: Imps (Horde), Lower Abyssals (Horde), Harbinger, Champion, Efreet ; 2. row: Flamebearers (Reg), Abyssal Guard (Reg), Lower Abyssals (Reg), Abyssal Guard (Reg with Mace of Crushing) ; 3. row: Tortured Souls (Reg), Archfiend (with Fly), Gargoyles (Troop) ; I forgot my two Troops of Hellhounds on that picture
The Forces of Nature (symmetrical): on the flanks: Bray Hunters (Troop) behind them Bray Striders (Troop), Naiad Ensnares (Reg) with a Stalker behind them Forest Shamblers (Reg) behind them a Tree Herder; center: Tree Herder behind him Forest Shamblers (Horde)

Story and Summary

Finally, I arrived at the Forest of Galahir! *urgs*
What a disgusting place! I can smell the foul magic of Elves and Fairyfolk. But orders are orders and you cannot trust these spineless little green Fleshlings to do decend work.
The high lords ordered me to take my legion and drive it deep into this forest, to destroy as much as possible of it.
*paah* They want to use me as a diversion, so they can march out of the Abyss easier. Seems that didn't work out so well. I only found a few Naiads and Fairyfolk nearby protecting the forest.
At least there is something left to kill. Time to establish a beachhead!


This was my first 2000 points game and my first Kings of War game in a while, too.
We played it at the beginning of the campaign, but I didn't had the time to upload the report earlier.

We used the original Kings of War rules and did NOT use any rules updates from Clash of Kings 2017!

The scenario was "Battle 6: Opportunity Knocks" from the Edge of the Abyss campaign book (hold terrain pieces to win), so we build a symmetrical table.
Each of us had an obstacle (1 VP) and a forest (2 VP) entirely on our half of the table (double victory points, if you hold the one in the enemys half), the hills (2 VP) and the central terrain piece (the wooden watchtower; 3 VP) were over the half (regular victory points).

We both tried to advance over the flanks, which resulted in a clash on both sides.
I guess the game was mostly decided by lucky dice rolls and the fact, that allmost all of my troops have the special rule "Fury" (allowed to counter-charge while wavered) and "Regeneration". That allowed me to crush his forces in the last moment before getting wiped out myself serveral times. The Lower Abyssals did a very good job at that.

My flying Archfiend of the Abyss luckily survived the first onslaught and managed to escape. After that he secured my left flank almost alone.
On the right flank the Flamebearers and the Harbinger were incredibly reliable and managed to waver or even wipe out enemy troops in the exact right moment to save the flank.

The Forces of the Abyss were able to establish a beachhead on that day!

And since a picture says more than a thousand words, here is the full battle report in pictures.
Hope you enjoy it!

The markers next to the units mean:
- red: Unit is wavering.
- blue: A unit was wiped out here.
Unfortunatly I only did that later in the game, sorry for that.



Abyssals Turn 1

Nature Turn 1

Abyssals Turn 2

Nature Turn 2

Abyssals Turn 3

Nature Turn 3

Abyssals Turn 4

Nature Turn 4

Abyssals Turn 5

Turn 6 and Aftermath

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Forces of the Abyss