Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign


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VS Ratkin

The Red Eye Tribe was contracted by the dwarf kingdoms living in the mountains behind their hunting grounds. They proclaimed that a formidable foe of rat-people where approaching to ravage their domains and that all good food would be plundered from the lands.
After a deal was struck for a good amount of mead and meat, the Ogres set out to quell the small vermin problem.
Or so they thought...
The Vermin proved more organized and disciplined then the Ogres had imagined. Brute strength to break the ranks of little pests just was not enough.
The right flank crumbled as the weird contraptions of the ratmen rolled down the field.
The left flank fell a short while later as the pet giant died to a huge mutated rat.
The Ogres had to retreat, but not before learning a valuable lesson: The Ratmen burn exceptionally well.
Igor the red Eyed ordered all Warlocks to gather. It was time te set out for revenge!

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