Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Defense of Galahir

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Nature
VS Goblins
Ron Ricci (Da Great Khan)

The mighty Gryphicorn surveyed the vast dark landscape laid out before it. A time of peace had come to the Twilight Glades, at least for now. Beside each stone built, crumbling portal were his forces, standing silent guard against the dark beings that would threaten to enter the realms through them. The mighty creature had assumed the forces of evil would be back to try and reopen them, after Skull Face’s defeat here one week prior. But yet, the portals laid closed, and the Gryphicorn grew weary. Finally, with the creatures made of the worst nightmares at bay, his glowing green eyes began to close slowly, as he wrapped his wings alongside his body at the top of a large, twisted tree.
The creature did not gain peace in its slumber however. Its dreams were haunted by loud buzzing noises and hideous laughter. Soon, the forest of Galahir came into view, as if the majestic beast were flying over it. On the fringes of the forest, a goblin horde, nearly three thousand strong took to the busy work of undoing it beauty. Great oaks, older than the forest itself began to fall under the wickedly sharp buzzing blades of their brutal saws. Once purified pools now laid tainted with vomit and substances far worse. Dung heaps the size of small boulders littered the perimeter, as toxic black oil seeped into the earth. Billowing poisonous smoke filled the air within the forest, so much so one could barely breathe. The Gryphicorn gazed on in horror as creatures of the forest ran deeper and abandoned their ancestral homes.
The Gryphicorn awoke to the voice of a woman, both soft and firm. The Green Lady called to it, to come defend her home. Looking over the Twilight Glades once more, the majestic beast, one of the last of its kind, leaped from the tree it was sitting on and took to the air. It began its flight towards the forest of Galahir, its mighty host of the creatures of nature following without a word or command exchanged between them. The time had come to stop the goblin horde from entering, and save the homeland of the Green Lady herself. The king that called himself “Da Great Khan” had needed to be stopped, before nature itself fell to his parasitic army of monsters. The Gryphicorn soared now, more determined than ever.

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Forces of Nature

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