Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

International Campaign Day, Capture!

Forces of Nature
VS Orcs

The forces of nature led by Gorehoof Dragonhorn skirmished with the orcs in the forest of Galahir. Outnumbered by at least 3 units, the forces of nature very cautiously skirted the edges of the board and slowed the orcs advance by plowing lightning into their heaviest units such as gore riders, giants and Krudgers. The left hand flank was dominated by flaxhoof's chosen who played chicken with an axe horde and a troll bruiser, but gained advantage when the axe horde moved into their charge range. They routed them after they took several damage from shooting then turned to face the rest of the army. The winged unicorn, the beast of nature and a druid with lightning bolt dominated the left flank with lightning eventually routing 2 units of gore riders. In the center, earth elementals clashed with the core of the army and held them off until the flanks were won. Eventually, the orcs fell to the onslaught and the forces of nature took the victory!

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Forces of Nature

One Comment

  • SKULL FACE says:

    Tough games and I remember heartbreaker on a double one roll on a Naiad Ensnairers Horde. Still Mad