Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Twilight of Men

The Other One
VS Kingdoms of Men
Mister C

The armies assembled with the strange old tower and the petrified wood in between them. Already the portals were beginning to glow in anticipation.

The Undead advanced whilst the men largely stayed where they are, realising that if they could hold on to the portals nearby, they only need to grab one more. Archers took the top of the hill in the hopes of peppering the Mummie regiment before them.

The knights on the left flank rose to the bait of the Wights and Zombies, meanwhile the cannon crew muttered about stupid cavalry blocking their line of sight.

The Wraiths quickly took out the Handgunners, without them firing a shot, and then tackled the Shieldwall.

Mummies eliminated the archers, and then charged into the Spearmen. Meanwhile the knights charged and wiped out the wights, sneaking past the zombies. In an impressive display of dressage, the scouts shifted to their right to expose the zombies to the cannon. Unfortunately the crew were less accurate with their shooting.

On the right flank, the other knights engaged in a series of battles with the fast moving Werewolves.

The Knights on the left flank destroyed the zombies, simultaneously denying the Undead one objective and claiming it for themselves. The Cursed Pharaoh managed to hold up the other unit of Knights on the right flank, wavering them and preventing them trying for the objective behind the tower.

As time ran out an darkness fell across the land, the Undead had secured more portals than the Kingdom of Men, who fell back, preparing to fight another day.

Battle lines drawn, the advance to claim the portals begins..
Zombies & Wights take on Cavalry
A Necromancer hurls himself into the fray against a regiment of Knights
Knights vs Wraiths

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