Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Iron vs Bone

The Other One
VS Dwarfs
Andy H

Dwarven forces annihilated one flank of the Undead with their firepower, felling Werewolves, Wights , Necromancer and Soul Reaver Infantry, just as the Undead destroyed the Dwarven forces on the other flank with Revenant Cavalry, Wraiths and Vampire on Undead Dragon.

As a result, during Turn 4, the battle became one down the length of the table, with forces clashing and milling around the central hill with its windmill.

The Undead dominated the new right flank, whilst the left became a pitch battle between a zombie Horde and a regiment of Berzerker Brock Riders. Both forces battered against each other fr the remainder of the battle,when it was revealed that the Dwarves had saved the day - weakening the Undead forces enough to be able to claim victory!

Battle lines are drawn
Wights vs Berserker Lord
The Other One's Awful Luck...

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