Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Peculiar alliances

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VS Orcs

This battle was in fact one third of a grand alliance between my salamanders, Jarvis and some basileans against two armies of Orcs and some Abyssal dwarves. Rather than kill we played invade for our multiplayer battle, and I found myself facing Grumtongues legion, along with a troll horde, gore riders and trolls. My own force complemented Artakl with multiple Lekilodons and a Ghekkotah skylord, with a tryant Horde and a few infantry units providing muscle and a couple of Ghekkotah regiments providing fast moving unit strength.
With our deployment zone divided by a large rock, both of us split our forces, with the bulk of our strength facing off on the right side in a conflict that despite the early assassination of a careless godspeaker quickly turned into damage control when the orc heavy hitters were joined by a horde of obsidian golems from the abyssal dwarf side, my undead ally having completely failed to cover my flank. Complete overrun was forestalled by the heroics of my clan lord facing down an entire regiment of gore riders until they could be finished off by a final turn flank charge from the lekillodon. However, while things were going badly, on one side of the rock, the ghekkotah skylord was leading his brethren in a sneaky assault round the other side to quickly overrun the few orc skulk units, followed by the tyrants and a lekilodon.
While one unit of ghekkotah had to be sacrificed to get the charge the tyrants needed to destroy the other gore rider regiment on that flank, that still gave me 7 unit strength to score from.
Seeing this, the legion turned round to intercept them, but was too slow to do more than kill the skylord, who bravely sacrificed himself to protect the higher-scoring units, while their sudden absence plus the obsidian golems shifting their focus to the undead in the centre relieved the pressure on the other side of the rock enough to allow me to stall the orcs and claim an overall victory. Elsewhere the Undead suffered a narrow defeat and on the far side of the battlefield the Basileans had amassed an improbably large victory, giving an overall good win.

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