Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

March to War!

2000+ POINTS
VS Orcs

Outcasts Elves vs Orcs


In the second scenario of the campaign I played against Tas and his Orcs. I am sorry that I didn't recall all the artifacts he had in his list but I hope to update it later.

Tas fielded infantry based army and rolled steadily towards thin blue line of the Elven warriors. I tried to use some shooting to shift the balance into my favor and attacked on my left flank where enemy units seemed to be isolated.

Despite some mistake in positioning, Elves managed to win on the left and clear that part of the battle field. However, mistakes on the right flank were costly and I lost units there. The closer to the end of the game the more Elven units Orcs destroyed but in the end Elves managed to stop the green tide!

It was a very enjoyable battle and I would like to thank my opponent for a great game. If you are interested in more details here is the link to the usual battle report:


Thanks for reading!

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