Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Outcasts Elves vs Twilight Kin

2000+ POINTS
VS Nightstalkers


This is the report from the first game we played in the frame of Edge of the Abyss campaign. It was the initiative of one of the local Tournament Organizers, Tas, who rallied KoW players in Canberra to commit to the campaign and play once a week in one of the local game shops, Three D6.

Fortunately, we have players who have multiple armies so we can make sure that the armies are matched properly and Good vs Evil battles commenced!

I played against Mark who brought his Twilight Kin to the game. We agreed that the background for the battle is that the Twilight Kin army is to intercept Elves before they reach Edge of the Abyss area and reinforce Good armies concentrating there. Because of that the terrain did not feature any lava or volcano slopes yet.

As usual, such civil wars were very bloody. On one hand, Twilight Kin had a superiority in the ranged attacks but Elves had a bit of an advantage in the speed of the army and also had more units than their enemies. In consequence, both armies fought to seize the initiative and deny their enemies the opportunity to use their weapons of choice.

Initially, Twilight Kin claimed some units with shooting but massed flank attack of the Elves destroyed the Dark Knights and Good side gained some advantage. The battle lines re-arranged and armies fought along the initial deployment zones.

In the end, Elves managed to keep their advantage until the battle was over but they lost around 60% of their forces while their enemies withdraw with only single unit of Crossbowmen and 2 heroes remaining.

If you are interested in the more detailed battle report, please follow this link:


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