Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Opening of the Ways

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VS Nightstalkers

After the defeat against the shambling hordes of Undead at Hokh-Man, the Outcasts set sail towards the Twilight Glades to stop another enemy. It was a difficult mission as the usual hosts of this territory was not exactly neutral. And there was always a chance to meet openly hostile army of Twilight Kin anyway.

In order to avoid detection, the army marched in a few groups, spreading the forces. It was also easier to navigate through the haunted forest like that. Eventually, Elves located a few of the portals, luckily still locked. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that not all of them and the army of monsters was already marching against the Outcasts. The Elves had to move at speed now to consolidate the ranks before the Nightstalkers would be upon any battle group without support.

Deployment of the Armies
Deployment map with Pillage tokens

The Elven units on the right flank kept an eye on the advancing enemy. Surprisingly, Nightstalkers were a bit shy in their approach and Elves were in no rush to engage them yet. The units in the center tried to do some harm at range and only when they switched to target the Void Lurker they noted some kind of success.

On the left flank the maneuvering for air superiority started and it was clear that potential fight would be bloody, time consuming and potentially would end up unresolved. Thus the Storm Wind cavalry baited the enemy so that the Drakon Riders with the Lord would get rid of the Spectres and attack the forces cornering Palace Guard from behind.

Vicious melee erupts!

But while the entire legion of Bloodwarms perished, Void Lurker and Shadow Hulk fought on despite receiving heavy blows that would have been the end of many lesser creatures. Elves were determined not to let the Nightstalkers enter the reality in full strength though and they too fought bravely, often defying all odds!

In the end, Elves managed to prevail and thanks to destroying quite a substantial amount of enemy units, managed to lock the portals that were beginning to open. At least for now.

Before the final attack to push Nightstalkers back to their dimension.

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