Edge of the Abyss

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VS Kingdoms of Men

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Kingdoms of Men


  • Revasier says:

    Hi Marwin. You are right. u.u
    It was my first report. Igual hope you enjoy more the latest one. Thanks for posting

  • Marwin says:

    Very promising title and no text – offensively! But the pictures are not bad …

  • Revasier says:

    Yeah. It’s because we are just 4 people in our club and we don’t have many armies to choose between. xD
    But as we know that, this answer, lacks of epicness, we have thougt a side story, in order to give an stronger reason for this battle.
    We have played as if that specific human kingdom were ruled by an Abyss acolyte, who would have cheated on his vassals to fight against the Dwarfs, arguing that theese were the ones who were attacking their lands.
    Hope this answer helps you!

    And thanks for posting^^

  • paladin314 says:

    Any reason why 2 good armies are fighting?