Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign


VS Goblins

Aradun Burdinbizar, the stubborn dwarf lord, with several battles behind, has travelled south in orden to help his elven allies, blocking the abyssal ways. A regiment of the silvered elven cavalry has joined them, thanking the dwarf lord, to have kept the old oath of friendship.
But Thron "Bentarrow", the disgusting goblin warlord, has moved his troops to the elven kingdom to avenge his recent defeat against Aradun. His hate to the dwarf lord has clouded his mind. He only thinks on killing the beer-drinker with his own hands.
The fight seems to be tough.

Both armies face each other on the battlefield
The dwarven horns call to arms.
The goblin horde roars fiercely
The damned goblins have taken a giant with them!
The goblin warlord pushes his troops forward, to face the dwarven iron-wall.
A troll horde, flanked by the goblin cavalry, tries to take the dwarven left flank were the brock-riders and Aradun himslef are waiting the lethal creatures
Aradun moves in order to surprise the goblin riders
The giant gets into the woods and the dwarven rangers need to face the huge monster, if they want to keep their left flank safe.
The dwarven flame belcher prepares to burn its enemies. Burn them all!
The dwarven center starts moving and tries to close one of the abyss ways.
Aradun Burdinbizar charges the goblin riders and achieves to disband them. Hail Aradun!
Meanwile, Thron "Bentarrow" charges the wounded elven allies (aka; brock riders) and disbands them aswell.
Finally, after a bloody battle, each army achieves to keep two of the abyys ways. This battle isn't over yet. Both warlords swear to keep fighting until the other is dead.

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