Edge of the Abyss

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Forces of the Abyss
VS Forces of Basilea


The drums rattled as the demons arrived at the joint, which was about to open at any moment. Demon champion, winged Kein Incinerated raised both hands up high, inciting power words. Temptress Sheeva, who stood beside him, spread her wings wide, pointing the blade of the burning sword toward the joint and laughing wildly.
The horde was ready to attack, somewhere on the surface, people marched, every demon sensed them tens of meters, even from below. Kein stopped, finished the spell, now made a gesture as if he was tearing a piece of rags, and at the same moment the joint opened, forming a wide hole in the ground leading to hell.
Demons rushed forward, hungry for blood, human suffering and tormented souls. In an unimaginable horde found on the surface, Kein and Sheeva had to scrounge some unruly demons before they humbly formed the clumsily ranks and faced the approaching enemy. Kein wanted to look more closely at Basilean forces, a wild charge on armored veterans could end up wasting unnecessary losses. By this time, on the both flanks of Abyssal, a wingman fluttered from the sky. Angels at first seemed indestructible, but eventually they fell, taking with them a dozen demons for one. On the right flank they were better off, but there they were unable to break the flamebearers pack, which eventually led to the tragedy when the phoenix uncovered by them, was torn apart by impatient Imps.

Basileans, suprised by the demons emerging from the flaming scar on the ground.
Abyssals jump on the ashed earth from a hot hells pit.
The Angels charge, suprising but unthought decision.

Efreet was shielded by his lesser brothers, fired fiery bullets with murderous precision, neither Elohi nor Angels, even the phoenix himself was unable to withstand such destructive magic. In the end, however, a flock of demons from the right flank panicked, the smaller beasts turned and fled into the joint, while the imps disappeared around the area, squealing and chirping wildly. The wingers set out to help their leader, after them tried to flight the injured Elohi, but Efreet's fireballs hit him, striking him from the sky in the accompaniment of the scream and the burning blaze.

Efreet striking on the Elohi, Angels try guard phoenix, demons jabs, slash, and hops wildly.

The left flank was under Abyssals control, Kein watched with satisfaction as the Succubs tugged at the last of the Angels, then hammered to the side of the speeding cavalry unit. The lesser demons diverged from the armored knights of Basilea and their leader, riding on a young griffin. The number of demonic creatures took over the courage and training of the people. The knights went down one by one to the ashes of the land where their fresh blood soaked.

After destroying wingedmans, Abyssals take aim on the new target, knights and griffin.
Almost all lesser demons on fight with a tough mercenary Ogres, on his back, punishing strike of Succubi.

The hired ogres were the greatest threat to Kein and his melting hordes, brutal creatures threw the demons to the left and right with his splashed in blood sword and maces. In the end, Kein himself decided to join the fight and helped his troops cut off some of the ogres heads. To the hard-hitting mercenaries, destruction brought only the Succubus, who jumped on the back of the giants, pounding out their guts, together with the escaping life.
The rider on the griffin was in trouble, only through the quick break and agility of the mount, man managed to avoid an inevitable death. Kein and Sheeva, on the other hand, attacked the surviving leader of the Basylei cavalry division, the woman bravely defended, her fighting cat giving acrobatics, everything for nothing. Kein's ax and Sheeva's sword drowned in both the rider and the mount's body once and for all. Finally, the cat gave the last breath, throwing a worn-out warrior from the saddle, which literally blinked from death. However, this time was enough for the screeching grin to take the half-lived woman in the air and escape to the red horizon.

Last clash, demon champions on duel with brave women on cat, griffin on route, Basilea destroyed.

Kein nodded in appreciation towards Sheeva, who smiled at him coquettishly in response. They both stood on the edge of the joint, staring into the depths of the abyss, from which, like a wave of storms, the hosts of subsequent demons poured out.

Thanks Black for this great battle, thanks eweryone, who read this, and sorry mates for my english, translator going well, but You know...
And next time, i paste my own photos ;)

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