Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

At any cost

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
VS Orcs
Erich Trowbridge

Gold, that most precious of metals. Greed for this drives the Abyssal Dwarfs, and even the doomed Iron-Caster Dravak Dalken was not immune. Gold allowed him to purchase the materials needed to continue his magical experiments. Even if it meant fighting for the hated humans. Their gold was as good as any, and he might even have the chance to acquire a few more orcs for the slave pits in the bargain.
The accursed commanders of the humans had assigned Dravak Daiken and the Black Forges of Deiw to protect the supplies for the construction of the wall from the orc raiders. The orcs hit in force, with a cabal of God Speakers channeling energy from the hordes of greenskins into vicious fireballs, answered back with the blasts from the decimators. Much maneuvering was done in an attempt to gain some small advantage until the final battle was joined. The orcs were unable to do much damage to nearly impenetrable rock skinned golems except push them back. However that effort, coupled with the superior speed of the orc gore riders, allowed them to take and destroy two more of the precious supply collections than the Abyssal Dwarfs were able to protect.

In the end, though the victory went to the orcs, Dravak succeeded in his goal - obtaining gold for his services. The gargoyles killed in the battle were easily replaced, as were the decimators that had finally run from the orc fireballs. His precious golems had barely taken a wound, and Infernok was already healing back the few minor scratches he had suffered. Most importantly though, he now had the funds for the next phase of his experiments, and he knew that the next time he would be visiting these lands of men, it would be as a conqueror instead of a mercenary.

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Erich Trowbridge