Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Pay the Green Price

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Kingdoms of Men
VS Goblins

After tracking the Greenskins to the Twilight Glades, the Brotherhood discovered they were trying to open more gateways. Scouts reported that with enough time, they could be opened and allowed more nightmare creatures into the world. The time to fight was now.

Goblins went first.

Turn 1:

The goblin hordes moved up.

With peasant shooting, the brotherhood managed to waiver some fleabag riders right in front of 2 giants.

Turn 2:

Again the goblins moved up. Moving the goblin king with the wings right behind the 2 botherhood siege engines.

A second round of shooting routed the fleabag riders. A unit of mawbeats fell to the mighty charge of the Order of the Abyssal Hunt. Moved both Siege Engines up to allow a brotherhood exemplar to charge the king.

Turn 3:

Siege Engines were moved too far, and the giants charged one and crushed it. Abyssal hunt were wavered by shooting. Routed one exemplar of the brotherhood after he failed to wound some fleabags.

Redemption and Brotherhood on foot charged a horde of sharpsticks and routed them. Wavered the fleabags that killed the exemplar with shooting. Martyrs tried to deal some damage to the trolls.

Turn 4:

Trolls counter charged the Martyrs and routed them in one turn. More shooting at the order of the abyssal hunt and routed them.

Second unit of maw beasts were routed by a charge by forsaken knights and the king was finally routed.

Turn 5:

Second Siege Engine and Brotherhood on foot were routed.

Charged the giant but failed to rout.

Turn 6:

Routed the peg Knights.

Failed to rout the Flea bags

Turn 7:

Routed the order of Redemption after 2 failed headstong tests.

Swain finally routed the feabags on the last turn, capturing the only point for the brotherhood.

Great game, but a few bad waivers, and failed headstrong really messed up my game.

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