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Make the Goblins pay for it

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Kingdoms of Men
VS Forces of the Abyss

More details to follow when I have the time. Short story is that things went really well for the Brotherhood in the first 2 rounds that the Abyss player conceded after turn 3. Some really good routs on my part, and some units held that shouldn't have. Order of the forsaken held against 2 charges, and charged and broke their attackers without thunderous charge. All in all a complete victory for the Brotherhood. Siege engines didn't hit much. But the Botherhood Knights did a lot of work breaking thought the lines of the abyss. Even the Villein Martyrs were doing really well against the fleshlings. The first turn looked really rough when shooting and magic killed the Order of the Brotherhood, and the Tortured Souls routed Villein Initiates on the charge. After that, the other units rallied, and broke the Abyss' back. A very good game, and I'm looking forward to the rematch next week.

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