Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Brotherhood vs Abyss 9-6

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Kingdoms of Men
VS Forces of the Abyss

Battle of lost valor

After the destruction of their Abyss Fortress, the knights of the Brotherhood have assembled what's left of their forces to destroy the foul creatures coming from the Abyss. Soon, one such force was found, and the knights readied themselves for the battle to come. However, the demons were ready for them.

After both forces readied their battlelines, a lone Abyssal Champion took this opportunity to vanguard forward into a better position. While the Ranger Swain took cover behind some Brotherhood Exemplars.

Turn 1:

The Abyssal Champion charged and wiped out the Brotherhood Siege Engine. A few units moved up into position.

The Brotherhood's remaining long range rained down on a unit of flame bearers, getting to rout on the first time. The rest of the knights moved up, while Villein Spearmen took up a defensive spot behind an obstacle. The Order of the Forsaken moved into a flanking position.

Turn 2:

Both Regiments of Succubi and Gargoyles charge the Villein Spearmen and rout them.

The order of the Abyssal Hunt flank and rout an out of position unit of Succubi. Two Brotherhood Heroes charge and waiver the Abyssal Champion and temptress. The Order of Redemption and Forsaken Beast charge the Tortured Souls, the Beast fails to land a single hit, allowing the Souls to remain fast. Order of the Brotherhood charge Gargoyles and fail to rout them.

Turn 3:

Both Efreets cast fireball at the Order of the Abyssal Hunt and rout. Order of the Brotherhood on Foot are flanked by Succubi and front charged by Gargoyles, they rout in one turn.

Order of Redemption finally rout the Tortured Souls. Exemplar of the Abyssal Hunt routs Temptress.

Turn 4:

Abyssal Champion stops fighting the Exemplar Redeemer and routs the Abyssal Hunt Exemplar.

Brotherhood fail to rout anything.

Turn 5:

Tortured Souls charge the Order of Redemption and barely get them to rout. Succubi rout the regiment of Villein Archers.

Brotherhood fail to rout anything.

Turn 6:

Molochs destroy the remaining Siege Engine.

Order of Forsaken and Exemplar Redeemer finally rout the Lord of Lies after 4 rounds of combat.

Turn 7:

More fireballs rout the Exemplar Redeemer while the Abyssal Champion tries to rout the Order of the Forsaken.

Final Score:
Brotherhood 1300
Forces of the Abyss 1985

Turn 0 Abyss Deployment 01
Turn 0 Abyss Deployment 02
Turn 0 Brotherhood Deployment 01
Turn 0 Brotherhood Deployment 02
Turn 1 Abyss Champ Kills Treb
Turn 1 end 01
Turn 1 end 02
Turn 1 Flamers rout from shooting
Turn 1 Forsaken horde lined up for a rear
Turn 2 Abysall Hunt flank and rout succubi
Turn 2 Brotherhood heroes fail to rout Abyss heroes
Turn 2 Redemption and Forsaken beast fail to rout Souls
Turn 3 Brotherhood on foot destoryed
Turn 3 Hunt fire balled to death
Turn 3 souls routed
Turn 4 archers hold fast
Turn 4 beast takes charge Molochs take charge from Redemption

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Forces of the Abyss