Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

For The Brotherhood!

Kingdoms of Men
VS The Empire of Dust

This battle is fought using the “Final Battle” in the back of the Edge of the Abyss book. The report will be broken apart to 6 different reports for reporting purposes. Each pair of enemies will report and link 1/3 of the game.
The Following reports will be as follows.
Brotherhood vs Empire of Dust: This report
Trident Realms vs Goblins: [link 1] [link 2]
Elves vs Forces of the Abyss https://edgeoftheabyss.warconsole.com/battles/arcemise-vs-corathan-1506659644 [link 2]
A few notes on changes: We changed the size of the game to 1,500 per person, and the table was 12x4. Deployment went on pair at a time. And each team took their turn at the same time to speed up the game. The total score was added up per side, and divided out equally between all the members, to make reporting easier.
As the war with the Abyss drags on, a small alliance of Elves, Trident Realms and a surviving force of The Brotherhood decide their best chance of winning this war, is with a direct attack of the Abyss. A plan is created to amass a large combined army to take the fight to the enemy.
The 3 leaders met in consul the night before to discuss deployments and battle plan. The plan was simple enough. Use the elves superior firepower to weaken the enemy. The Trident realms would use their Naiads as tar pits, and the Brotherhood would try to deploy in front of the Empire of Dust, ignore them, with their slow speed to out flank one of the other forces.
Evil wins the roll and Goblins deploy in the center. Good choses to place the Trident realms in the middle. Next is Abyss on the far right side, and Elves deploy opposite of them. The last section the EoD and Brotherhood square off.
Evil Turn 1:
Most of the turn was spent moving up and getting into position. Fireball dealt 1 damage on the Dragons Breath.
Good Turn 1:
The Brotherhood keeps to the original plan and moves to cover the Trident realms in the middle. Elf shooting takes out a unit of tortured souls. Realms deal a small about of damage to the Goblin Fleabags
Evil Turn 2:
Efreet waivered the Silver Breeze. Ba'el charges Elf Archers, deals 6 wounds. Well of Souls flank charges a unit of Palace Guard, and held. Fleabags Flank charge River Guard, and waivered them. EoD preformed 2 failed surge charges.
Good Turn 2:
The Brotherhood quickly notices its mistake and the EoD is closer to their flank than they thought, and will not be able to get away to focus on only the goblins with the Trident Realms. The Knights turn to face the coming undead. The surged Revenants get charged by a unit of Knights are rout. Exemplar Forsaker charges the High Priest, but doesn't rout it. River guard caption to rout the fleabags again! Wyrm riders charge and rout the other unit of Fleabags, leaving the Wyrm in front of the trolls. Dual charge of Elf Spears and Palace Guard rout a horde of Lower Abyssals.
Evil Turn 3:
Enslaved Guardians waiver the Forsaker. Spears and Reanimated Behemoth waiver the Regiment of Order of the Brotherhood. Chariot horde fail to waiver the Forsaken Knights. Triple charge against the Wyrms, Trolls, Brute and Scorpion Husk, routed. Silverbreeze Rout from Fireball. Well of Souls routs the Dragon's Breath.
Good Turn 3:
Order of the Hunt and Forsaken charge Chariots, Hunt is in the flank, rout them. River Guard finally kill the Fleabags. Trident Realms shoot and kill one of the War Trombones. Forsaker and Brotherhood fail headstrong tests. Order of Redemption charge the Trolls, but fail to rout.
Evil Turn 4:
Enslaved Guardians waiver the Exemplar Forsaker, again! Spears and Reanimated Behemoth finish off the Order of the brotherhood. Naiad hold vs the Trolls. Ba'el rout the Palace Guard. Trolls and Bruiser charge the Order of Redemption and rout them in one turn.
Good Turn 4:
Order of the Forsaken rout the Revenant Worm Riders. Villein Initiates and Abyssal Hunt kill Reanimated Behemoth. Elf Spears and Palace Guard waiver Abyssal Guard. Exemplar Forsaker passes Headstrong and fails to rout the Guardians.
Evil Turn 5:
Skeleton Spears and Scorpion rout the Initiates. Order of the Forsaken hold against more Skeleton Spears. Fireball waivers Elf Archers. Heart Piercers waivered by the Well of Souls.
Good Turn 5:
Abyssal Hunt rout Skeleton Spears. Forsaken deal 5 damage to the Skeleton Spears. Riverguard Captain Routs the last Trombone after turns of the Siren disordering it. Elf Spears and Palace Guard rout the Abyssal Guard. Naiad Centurion charges the horde of Trolls and deal 1 damage.
Evil Turn 6:
Scorpion finally routs the Order of the Forsaken. Troll Bruiser routs River Guard. Elf Archers finally rout to the Fireball onslaught.
Good Turn 6:
Abyssal Hunt rout the Scorpion. Exemplar Forsaker deal 4 damage on the Guardians. River Guard Captain deal 2 wounds on the Bruiser. Lighting 10 from the Elf mage and Thuul only deal 2 wounds. Centurion deals 1 damage to Ba'el.
Evil Turn 7:
Well of Souls waiver the Thuul. Spitters and the Bruiser deal some damage to the River Guard Captain. Guardians finally rout the Exemplar Forsaker.
Good Turn 7:
Abyssal Hunt deal 6 wounds on spears, but fail to rout. Centurion and Palace charge Ba'el but fail to rout them. River Guard Captain almost routs the Troll Bruiser.
Final Score:
Evil Killed 3,470
Good Killed 1,770
Final thoughts:
If the Brotherhood didn't spend the first turn moving to support the Trident Realms only to double back, they could have dealt with the Empire of dust quicker, and been able to deal damage to the Goblins from the back. Goblins came out with very little damage. Elves and Brotherhood preformed pretty well considering. The Well of Souls is a hard target to kill.
Lots of fun was had by all. A few mistakes were made by my team (good), but we all learned from them.

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