Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Empire of Dust, here?

Kingdoms of Men
VS The Empire of Dust

Rumors of the Empire of Dust moving on the Dwarves proved to be true, and once the army was found the Brotherhood moved in to stop them.

Turn 1:

A Brotherhood Siege Engine scored a direct hit on some chariots.

The EoD let a few shots at the Order of Forsaken, but failed to rout them.

Turn 2:

With a charge from the Forsaken, and shooting of the Archers, both the Horsemen and Chariots held firm.

With the Brotherhood being a little too overzealous, the undead were able to surge into combat with the chariots and the Wyrm Riders, failing to rout the Redemption and Archers.

Turn 3:

Finally routed the chariots and horsemen.

In the middle the Martyrs held, while the Redemption held against the Wyrms.

Turn 4:

The Forsaken charged enslaved guardians and used the blood of the old god and routed them in one turn. Redemption failed their headstrong test and waited for another charge from Wyrms. Martyrs had a choice to charge Spear Skeletons or the Behemoth, and routed the Skeletons in one round.

Wyrms charged the Order of Redemption and routed them. Some shooting caused the Forsaken to run as well.

Turn 5:

Brotherhood managed to nothing in the whole round.

Wyrms Charged Order of the brotherhood, and wavered them.

Turn 6:

Order of the Brotherhood passed their headstrong test and charged the wyrms and routed them exactly by using the pipes of terror. Siege Engine routed another unit of Skeletons with spears.

The Behemoth failed to rout the Martyrs again.

The game ended in a close victory for the Brotherhood.

Note: the Martyrs held the central pass the whole game. They fought a Behemoth almost every round, and once it was a Behemoth and a regiment of spear skeletons.

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