Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A Zephyrr's breath

2000+ POINTS
VS Undead

A Zephyr's breath

Rallying to the call of the Green Lady an Elf war host joined battle with the forces of the Undead lead by Mhorgoth himself in the forests of the Twilight Glades.

In an earlier victory for the Elves the invocation of Crepognon's Scrying Gem of Zellak allowed a maximum insight of their enemies deployment. Then began the lumbering advance of the Undead toward the Elf battle line.

Met with a hail of arrows from Archers and Gladestalkers in response which made little impact on the shambling hordes. The stand-off is eventually broken by the loss of two Forest Wardens for the elves and a horde of Ghouls on the Undead side as each side jockey for control of the Ways.

In a flurry of activity a troop and regiment of Soul Reaver infantry fall and the Palace Guard meet their end in return. Whilst the Gladestalkers at home in these forests stubbornly hold their ground against a fearsome regiment of Soul Reaver cavalry, in no small part due to the magic abilities of a mage and her Zephyr Crown holding the vampires at bay.

Held back too long the Stormwind cavalry of the Elf host falls to the flying Barrow Wights and Mhorgoth's surge incantations. Whilst the remaining Palace Guard consolidate their position holding a portal their lightly armoured brothers fall under the might of the mounted Soul Reavers.

Despite the work of undead forces to bring the Elf Tallspears out of reach of their objective and Lady Ilona holding a Forest Warden in place. It left one Elf Mage to keep the remaining Soul Reavers out of reach of their nearest portal with the power of the wind and nature herself.

With one portal in their control the day belonged to the forces of good but many remain uncontrolled and therefore prey for the forces of evil to fulfil their plans.

Battle lines drawn
Evil advances
Soul Reavers charge
Battlefield on a knife edge
The aftermath

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