Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Like wheat before my scythe

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Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter
VS Elves

Where the Elves drove themselves onto my weapons with scant regard for their own lives

I put this one down to oddly poor generalship from the creature called YithElf, where the elves strode forward confidently and were promptly and neatly butchered by the furious abyssals.
The game started with some enthusiastic vanguarding from the elves, and so began their march to defeat.
The elf archers put a few hits on the abyssal horde, but regen and high nerve negated this, but in turn 1 lightning and then turn 2 many many fireballs rid the battlefield of the paleskinned missile troops.
This allowed the abyssal infantry units to pair up on the elf regiments and quickly pile on the damage until they fled and were cut down entirely.
Highlights for me were the abyssal champion beating up the elf inspiring source and leaving her wavered on two consecutive turns. And who doesn't love the number of attacks from succubi in the flank?
Absolute butchery and a fast game!
Apologies for crap photos, I nicked them from YithElf.

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Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter