Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

It was all quite natural

Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter
VS Forces of Nature
David Shelton
The battle begins! The tree beasts have already made their Vanguard moves into the centre.

David had a grudge to settle here after I beat him at a recent tournament, so he didn't hold back.
His army had 3 big hordes of large infantry: fire elementals, water elementals, tree shamblers. Backed up by the treeherder and a greater air elemental, a troop of shooty centaurs and a couple of druids.
I was continuing with me new abyssal army, as much as I have built so far: horde of lower abyssals, reg of abyssal guard, 4 troops of succubi (because 20 attacks from a troop!), backed up by an efreet, an abyssal champion and the Edge of the Abyss special character Mau'ti-Bu-Su (Mighty Busu!)
The tree beasts vanguarded to take the forest in the middle, so I went aggressive and sent in the big units of boys backed up by Mighty Busu, and after a few turns of grinding I came out on top by virtue of a few more attacks and MB's extra nerve value. The centaurs came in from the side and gave the abyssal guard a real headache whilst the lower abyssals started on the fire elementals when they joined in the fight. I beat them down too but ultimately it came at a cost. On the right the efreet and abyssal champ focused fire on the water elementals with success but couldn't deal with the greater air elemental.
In the end it was the greater elemental that won the game by standing next to three close pieces of terrain with an inffective abyssal champ nipping at his heals, and the centre forest was contested by the remaining units.
Nature win 4-0.

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Forces of Nature
David Shelton

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