Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Revenge is a dish best served hot

Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter
VS Forces of Nature
David Shelton

The forces of nature seek revenge for a previous defeat, but they were denied their satisfaction for now...

The lower abyssals take the high ground, but does it make them an easy target?

The air elementals came down the left flank of the nature battle line, surged into the succubi waiting in the trees and scattered them in a single stroke. On the right, the unicorn and beast used lightning to destroy the second troop of succubi. This allowed both units to go into the horde of lower abyssals, one on each flank. But the lowers are made of tougher material than their female brethren, and held together to charge forwards into the fire elementals, who took serious damage but could not be destroyed.
The stranded beast got rear charged by the reserve force of abyssal guard, and was quickly killed to death. The abyssal champion and the efreet had been keeping the unicorn from more mischief through firepower, and the wavering this caused, and eventually that flying fairy was consumed by the flames.
The heavily wounded fire elementals countercharged the lower abyssal horde, who also received the air elementals in the rear, so that was the lowers done for.
The abyssal guard held off and allowed the efreet to fight fire with fire, and so the fire elementals were destroyed. The air elementals then charged the abyssal guard and did particularly well to kill them off in one go.
And so the game ended a draw, with the abyssal champion and the efreet facing off against the air elementals and the druid after 7 turns.

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