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Operation: Let the wyrm live, kill everything else!

Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter
VS Undead
Enemy sighted!

For this game, Dave borrowed Andy's undead army while Andy lovingly applied more paint to his revenant king on wyrm. So although the abyssals are fairly new for me, Dave was thrown in the deep end.
We were playing mission 4, so a pillage game. 6 objectives were distributed fairly evenly around the table.
Dave deployed his skeleton spearmen and zombie hordes in the centre, with revenant cavalry regiment and wraith troop on his right, and the horde of werewolves and regiment of zombies on the right. This looked a significantly larger force than mine across the tabletop, and having worked out the army list Dave seems to be using 1710 points in a 1500pt match, but nevermind I like a challenge!
I deployed my units mostly in response to Dave's unit placement, so my two succubi troops, succubi regiment and efreet went on the right to gang up on the werewolves, my horde of lower abyssals with brew of sharpness went in the centre across from the zombies as I reckoned 25 attacks hitting on 3's was my best chance to actually kill them all. My abyssal guard with Mau'Ti-Bu-Su (hereafter referred to in the game as Mighty-Busu) were to the left of the horde for support with some impassable terrain to protect their own flank. Abyssal champion started in the middle but immediately went right to shoot with the efreet and inspire the succubi.
I let Dave take the first turn, as my efreet's fireball is short ranged and I wanted the last go to grab objectives at the end.
He advanced his line fairly cautiously in turn 1, with only the werewolves approaching the centre-line.
In response I sent my succubi forward as a bodyguard to the efreet, and he and the abyssal champion poured fire into the werewolves, but not enough damage this turn to bother them.
In turn 2, the werewolves went for the regiment of succubi first, figuring to break the biggest unit first, but failed to break the unit after scoring 10 wounds on them. The wraiths made a rather rash charge straight into the front of my abyssal guard, and sure enough bounced off only causing a couple of wounds.
In return I charged the guard and Mighty Busu into the wraiths, and in her first ever game MB caused no wounds but her terrible majesty ability (+d3 to nerve roll) plus the wounds from the guard were just enough to break the wraiths. First blood to the abyssals!
The succubi descended en masse onto the werewolves and left nought but blood stained fur at the end of the combat. The right flank was mine for the taking in the following turns, with both objectives claims and the regiment of zombies also falling to the fast females.
In turn 3 Dave moved his king on wyrm to threaten the rear of the lower abyssals and sent his revenant cavalry into the abyssal guard, who once again withstood the charge. So the best option for the lower abyssals was to charge the flank of the cavalry in the hope of winning the combat and being able to pivot round to present the unit front to the wyrm. With the help of the abyssal guard and Mighty BuSu again (causing 2 wounds herself this time) so terrible majesty wasn't required and the cavalry were destroyed.
In turn 4, Dave advanced the wyrm to threaten the lower abyssals but sent in the zombie horde to soften them up. The vampire lord also went for Mighty BuSu, but here ensnare and the obstacle meant there was little damage caused. The zombies performed poorly too.
In return the abyssal guard and MB attacked and wavered the Vampire, and the lower abyssals put a good number of wounds on the zombies, but they stayed put.
In the end game, the wyrm went into the flank of the abyssal guard but never caused enough damage to seriously bother them, the vampire lord was sent packing and the horde-off in the middle went the way of the lower abyssals thanks to superior fighting skill and regeneration.
6 turns and the game was done, with the wyrm undefeated but only the skeleton horde holding an objective, whereas the abyssals held 4 objectives and emerged from the game without any losses!

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Forces of the Abyss
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