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The Kings of War Global Campaign

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Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter
VS Salamanders
Ashley Reid

Abyssals take on the Salamanders in a game of Scavenge

The battle on turn 1, the abyssals have advanced, and the Salamanders are just starting their first movements.

The horde of Lower Abyssals deploy in the centre with a troop of Succubi and an inspiring Efreet. On the right is the Abyssal Champion with another troop of Succubi. On the left is the regiment of Abyssal Guard.
The Salamanders have centre of Lekilidon, regiment of Tyrants and troop of Ghekkotah Warriors. On their left is the regiment of Kaisenor Lancers and Ghekkotah Skylord. On the right is the troop of Ancients, regiment of Fire Elementals, a troop of Ghekkotah Warriors and a Mage-Priest.
Abyssals win the roll to go first and move up on all sides, lightning bolt from the Abyssal Champ wavers the Ghekkotah Warriors.
The Salamanders move forward cautiously, with only the Kaisenor Lancers moving far enough to reach a scavenge objective. The Lekilidon puts a wound on the nearest Succubi.
The Succubi from the middle reach the left side scavenge objective, backed up by the horde of Lowers (hiding behind a hedge!). The Abyssal Guard stay put in their hedge anchoring the left side of the battle line. On the right the Succubi turn to face the fast moving Lancers, putting a hedge between them in case of an assault. The Champ lightnings the Lancers, putting a couple of wounds on them. The Efreet is right in amongst the Salamanders now and fireballs the Ghekkotahs in front of the horde of Lowers. There's nothing left but crispy fried lizard by the end of the phase.
The Fire Elementals advance just far enough to be in charge range of the Abyssal guard on the far left. The Ancients move onto the hill to threaten the Succubi on the objective. The mage-priest moves forward to hurl fireballs at the Efreet but has a monumental failure to ignite any of them. The Tyrants and Ghekkotahs in the centre advance towards the central objective. The Lekilidon targets the Efreet and causes 2 wounds. The Lancers scavenge some loot from the right side objective then charge over the hedge to attack the Succubi. The lithe female forms are difficult to strike, especially having lost momentum over the obstacle, and only 3 wounds are caused with no effect on the Succubi's effectiveness.
The Abyssal Guard take a few steps forward and taunt the Fire Elementals for taking so long to reach the front lines. The Efreet moves to the right and targets the Tyrants, and by the time the intense flames and smoke subside it's clear the big lizards won't be taking any further part in this battle. The Succubi on the left extract a loot token but leave it for the horde of Lower Abyssals to carry as they charge the exposed Mage-Priest and cause him to waver, but this leaves them at the mercy of the Ancients. On the right the Succubi counter-charge the loot-carrying Lancers, and the Abyssal Champion leaves his lightning glands to recharge as he joins the melee too. Lizard riders are pulled from saddles and set upon, with the Champion hewing the head from body of the lead Lancer, and they are slain entirely. The Succubi claim the loot and reface to challenge the approaching Ghekkotahs.
Having taken serious casualties now, the remaining Salamanders decide to get stuck into some serious fighting. The Fire Elementals charge the Abyssal Guard and cause 3 wounds, the Ancients charge the flank of the Succubi to save the Mage-Priest from certain death and put down the cavorting fem-demons for good. On the right the Ghekkotah warriors and the Skylord combine to kill all the Succubi and the Warriors take the loot and advance towards the far side of the battlefield.
The final phase of the battle is entered now, and the Abyssals sense victory is their's for the taking. The Abyssal Guard counter-charge the Fire Elementals and grind them down over two turns while their own wounds miraculously heal. The complete the battle by moving to the objective to gain more loot. The Lower Abyssals avenge the Succubi by charging the Mage-priest, running him down and moving straight into the Ancients. Two turns are needed here too to kill the big old lizards but it is done and they begin celebrating. The Efreet is on a roll and first wavers then kills the Lekilidon with two turns of firebally goodness. The Abyssal champion sets off after the Ghekkotak warriors with lightning on his fingertips and they quickly drop their loot and flee. The sole Salamander unit left is the Ghekkotah Skylord who swoops down on his winged steep to scoop up the discarded loot token, fends off the charging Abyssal Champion and then retreats toward the board edge with the distinctly second hand treasure.
So ends the game, both big units of Abyssals hold loot tokens to the single one held by the Skylord.
Victory to the Forces of the Abyss.

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Forces of the Abyss
Night Haunter