Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Mega Battle!

The Empire of Dust
VS Ogres

We played the mega-battle scenario. I will report my section, and other may report theirs.

6 players total. For Good, they were deployed Ogre, Ogre, and Salamanders. Evil deployed to face them: Abyssal Dwarves, Empire of Dust, and Twilight Kin.

In my section I deployed:
Skeleton Cav regiment
Scorpion Husk
Guardian Horde with Bloodboil
Priestess with surge and heal
Skeleton Crossbows
Revenant regiment
Chariot Horde
Pharaoh on Chariot
Specter Troop (Nightstalkers)

I was facing:
Salamander Horde
Salamander standard
Salamander regiment
Ogre Boomers
2 Ogre warrior Hordes
Ogre Hunters

On my left, there was a staredown. My crossbows shot up the horde, and the Guardians bloodboiled them and charged them to death.

The center was taken up by a big pile of Blocking terrain. I swung my Chariots around and obliterated a Ogre unit. Grakagamak counterattacked, killing the Chariot unit, but by Pharoh (and some twilight kin) killed grakagamk. After several countercharges, there wasn’t much left except characters.

By the end of the game, the good armies were down to about 3 units, and we had most of the abyssal dwarves left.

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The Empire of Dust