Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Arkhanten's bad day

The Empire of Dust
VS Dwarfs
Ben B

Like all prequels, this one is kind of lame (This was the first game played, chronologically).

Arkhanten was merely trying to dig up some boats so he could enslave the whole world, when some dwarves started shooting at him!

EoD has (left to right)
Scorpion Husk
Skeleton cavalry Regiment
Priest with Surge
(Big River)
Skeleton Regiment x2
Guardian Regiment

Dwarves have (EoD's left to Right)
2 sniper troops
greatweapon troop
Musket Horde with elite (!?!)
repeater war machine
Iron behemoth
warrior troop

This battle was kind of sad. The dwarf Player wanted to see if gunlines were overpowered, so he took this list with my blessing (he had a fluffier list available, but I like pain, I guess.

My left ran as fast as possible towards the guns. The cavalry died first, then the Priest. The scorpion made it, charged... and did 3 wounds. The Greatweapon troop countercharged and killed the scorpion.

On the right, things went a little better. The skeleton regiments absorbed fire like champs, and the guardians actually got to use the windblast to push the supporting warrior troop out of line of sight. The guardians killed the behemoth and war machine, and Arkhanten killed the warrior troop.

here the game ended with a Dwarf Victory.

EoD thoughts:
Skeleton regiments are chaff, and quite good at it.
A single Scorpion Husk isn't all that great
I am unsure of how good Arkhanten is- he is a jack-of-all-trades, and those are hard to use well in wargames.

The good news as that Ben decided to join our gaming group, and he promised to bring less mean lists in the future.

Arkhanten and the Enslaved Guardians marched off into the Dunes, the dwarves shooting their "guns" into the air in triumph. "Fine!" He said, "We'll just go and make out own boats, thank you very much!"

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Ben B


  • NickGittins says:

    The hilarious thing?If we played an infinite number of turns, I probably would have won. The dwarf shooty horde was within charge range of my Guardians, with arkhanten healing for 1-2 turns, then joining himself.

  • Bloodwild says:

    Gunlines can be a pain, damn those Dwarfs!

  • AlQuds says:

    It is hard to play against gunlines, some obstructing terrain helps (not sure if there was any). Another thought – I prefer the bone giant instead of the scorpion. Sure, it is more points but much more reliable. It is also good to prepare the charge, so the charging unit does not die when countercharged (as far as you do not intend to sacrifice it) but it could be you had no other option there or the dice were just against you. Have a better luck next time!

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    I’m sucker for pain myself. 😛 Good going. And it is always nice to get more people to play. That is a win in itself.