Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

My Kingdom for a Surge!

2000+ POINTS
The Empire of Dust
VS Nightstalkers
Andrew G

Furious at the failures of his son, Nexteremet takes the field himself to try and dig up some boats. What is this, Twilight Kin having a weenie roast on the beach!

(poor) pictures of deployment up! However, the website refused to put them in the correct order.

Right: My Worm Rider regiment and Revenant leader on worm fight against a Hydra, Light cav troop, and bolt thrower.

Center: Guardian Horde, Mummy regiment, skeleton Horde, soul snare, and Pharoh fight against a Spearelf horde, standard bearer, sorcerer, reaper guard regiment, archfiend and crossbow regiment.

Left, Nexteremet on Chariot, Chariot Horde, Priest with fireball and surge, and (out of frame) a skeleton cav regiment and Aisit, Priestess with surge and heal. Twilight Kin have a light cav troop and a Knight regiment

On the right, things went terrible. My soul snare killed the cav, but the hydra killed the regiment. The character on worm avoided the hydra until he attacked the crossbows. He failed to kill them, and was rear attacked by a Hydra. The soul snare shot stuff up, and was protected by Stealth- it eventually died, but not until turn 4

On the left things went very well. I was able to shoot the light cav with the stationary chariots, and then surge-charge the skeleton cav into them, wavering them. The light cav died next turn, and the Knights charged my skeleton cav. This set the knights up to be fireballed and then combo charged by both chariot units, killing them

Center- first half.
We jockey for position for 2 turns, and then clash! His bane-chanted, banner of CS (1) horde of spearelves obliterates my guardians in one turn, but I kill his reaper guard. My skeleton horde contains the (wingless) archfiend and things are looking very good until…

Center- second half
The spearelves are out of position, and my chariot horde is pointed at their flank. However, after 29 dice of Surge, they go… 5 inches, out of 8 needed. This gives my opponent the oportunity to obliterate my mummies and skellie horde (although that took until the end of game)

The end result was a draw (he needed to kill one more thing to make it a clear win).

Tactical lessons:
I had one more surge source for the chariots, but used it on getting the mummies into the fight. Should have held out there.

Chariots are good! I had the item that gives you vicious and elite for a turn, which seems about their speed. You just have to be patient with them, and combo them with a monster (or dude in chariot).

Soul snare: still pretty good (I’m telling you AlQuds, they are okay to use!)

Nexteremet looked across the sands at the elves. “How dare they dig up OUR boats to use for a weenie-roast campfire!” Nekheremet pointed at the priestess “it was all Aimit’s fault! Her surge failed at the most inopportune time!”
“Aisit! She yelled, hoping that in the next edition there are lord-level Priests, so she could have her own army without these bozos.
“Whatever” sighed Nekheremt before he was cut off by his father.
“Silence! There is plenty of room in the Chamber of Pain for you both! Aisit, prepare another portal to the Abyssal Plain. The final battle is upon us- if we can secure a victory there, our Necromantic powers will be increased tenfold!”

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  • Keef Ditchards says:

    And I finally look up what a Soul Snare is. 😛

  • ChopperHarris says:

    To follow my last message smaller units are more manoeuvrable (goes without saying) but are less likely to get swamped with reasonable deployment and movement. I’ve noticed a lot of players take bloodboil which is a horde buster. So smaller units protect you against them.
    Not everyone shares my opinions though.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    I only have a couple of hordes in my list and balance it out with some MSUs.

    There’s an undead player at my club who moved from hordes to regiments for the combined higher nerve, higher lifeleech and if you lose one regiment it’s less of a loss than losing one horse.

    I’d guess it’s the same for the Empire?

  • AlQuds says:

    Another note – for discussions about units and tactics it might be better to use the faction forum here as I guess people do not follow the discussions in the battle reports they commented on. I admit I have skipped your reply on the Soul Snare in your previous report as I did not visit it after my comment and looked at it only today after spotting you mentioned it in this report. The forum topics seems easier to follow, though I am the only one who created topic in the EoD one and you are the only one who responded. 🙂

  • AlQuds says:

    This is an interesting point, I do not run many infantry hordes, normally just the revenants. Though, I fielded the guardians hordes (both versions) and now I am trying out a horde of worm riders but these do not have such wide footprint as an infantry horde. I also like the mummies regiments …

  • NickGittins says:

    Something to think about- do you run a lot of Hordes? I think the heal is more pronounced on Regiments (plus you will have more arcs for the lightning).

    It also may not be for you- that’s okay too. And heck, I used the priest that came with it as a mummy, and used a Crocodile games priest. 2 models in one!

  • AlQuds says:

    Good write up and glad to hear the Souls Snare really works for you. I am just lacking the courage to field it as I am not convinced about its power on paper. Maybe I should try it out myself some time. You know, every old timer has a nice model for it. 🙂