Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Jarvis and the 40 vampires (vs twilight kin)

2000+ POINTS
Kingdoms of Men
VS Nightstalkers
James Mitchell

7 objectives, fairly evenly distributed, we had a hill in the centre which Jarvis hid behind and some woods which didn't do much.

I set up with the balefires centrally behind the hill, the skeleton warriors on the left flank sitting on an objective, opposed by the crossbowmen and the dragon. The twilight kin had the lower abyssals and the abyssal fiend in the centre, opposed by Jarvis sat behind the hill with one troop of the cavalry, and the mounted standard bearer. The barrow wights were in reserve guarding the coven's left flank.

Both sides had packed the other flank, with the coven grouped around the griffin banner screened by the ghouls and the other revenant cavalry, with the werewolves on a far flank. The twilight kin had the cavalry, the speamen horde and reaper guard backed by the sorceress and standard bearers.

Turn one.
The twilight kin kicked off by shooting the skeletons a bit. I then healed them. In reply the balefires put a few wounds on the cavalry while the werewolves shot up the flank and bimbly turned to threaten it. The Soulreaver Infantry advanced fearlessly behind the chaff, not minding if I took the first hit.

Turn two.
The crossbowmen finished off the skeleton warriors and spent most of the rest of the game ruling that flank, the central hill shielding the undead army from much further harm. The spearmen took the bait and charged the revenant cavalry, which bravely held. Someone wavered the ghouls, holding up the undead centre.

The soulreaver infantry regiment hit the spearmen horde in combo with the cav in the front and werewolves in the right flank, they were quickly destroyed but with the ghouls wavered and unable to close and the balefires missing (as they do) the way was open to a counterpunch.

Turn 3
The dragon lord descended on the undead centre, disappointingly crushing the revenant cavalry in one turn. A regiment of lower abyssals closed down and wavered the ghouls, while the cavalry hit the regiment of soulreavers and the reaper guard the werewolves. Crucially the undead line stood firm with surprisingly little damage, although the sorceress did finish off the other revenant cavalry and continued to be a thorn in Jarvis's side.

The Barrow wights flew over and were surged in to trade blows with the dragon lord, on the other flank the soulreaver infantry counterpunch once again proved brutal, both the reaper guard and dark knights going in one turn.

Turn 4
Dragon lord countercharges the barrow wights, lower abyssals finally kill off the ghouls. The twilight kin reform on the central hill, with the abyssal fiend sitting on an objective.

The soulreaver infantry regiment dropped back to claim an objective, meanwhile the troops avenged the ghouls and advanced on the centre. The werewolves long charged into the flank of the other lower abyssals, while the barrow wights had another big turn and wavered the dragon lord. Meanwhile the mounted standard bearer charged at the abyssal fiend.

Turns 5 & 6
The abyssal fiend stomped on the standard bearer, the barrow wights mopped up the dragon lord and the vampire infantry troops finished off the lower abyssals.

The twilight kin showed they could still dish out pain, the fiend crushing a soulreaver troop in one go before being squashed by a combo charge of the barrow wights and the other soulreavers.

In a rough turn 7 the crossbowmen destroyed the barrow wights and the sorceress nearly picked off a troop of the soulreavers but there were too few twilight kin remaining to open the portals.

I reckoned before the battle it was all going to depend on getting the hits from the soulreavers in and happily at the crucial point on the right flank my luck was in and I could get the combo charges rolling. The one unit I wasn't too impressed with this time around was Jarvis, sitting at the back healing like any old necromancer :).

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