Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Battle of the Ophidian Maw

The Empire of Dust
Mountain Gremlin
VS Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathiel Black
Get Out of MY WAY!
We can take them!
Finish them!

Oh Exalted Lord, Ever-Living Bull of the Sanguine Triad, Namer of the Tune, and Master of the Verses

I humbly submit your victorious forces report in the tributary of Serpent Maw. Great Heirophant Romario commanded wonderfully today. You are wise to allow him to re-combine in the underworld.
Youthful Omarotep V fought well also and seeks to be worthy of elevation in your ... remaining eye. Perhaps in a decade or so he may be worthy to command a battle in his own right, by your command of course.

The upstart horse tribes dared to block our advance to your great fleet. Battle commenced as we hurled flaming, shrieking doom upon their largest horde of horse warriors. Surprisingly they held, so it was decided to sacrifice a regiment of slaves to slow their less than thunderous advance. They were then cut down by our chariots. Have these barbarians not heard of such wondrous technology?

One of their flanking horse regiments changed tactics and re-positioned in an attempt to retake the centre. Leaving their brothers to their fate at the hands of our spear horde. It is my regret that insurance my increase on your grace's chariots.

Young Omarotep valiantly charged their chief, though suffered a riding mishap in the forest. I no not what became of him. The Great Heirophant assures me that he will be fine once his journey from the underworld is complete.

After an exchange of fire from archers on both sides has made for much work for our priests to recombine your forces. Though I am sure you will agree that we have held the land and await your advancing forces.

Your humble servant - MG

Destroy Them ALL

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The Empire of Dust
Mountain Gremlin


  • High Exemplar Nathaniel Black says:

    *unintelligible mutterings of catapults*

  • Mountain Gremlin says:

    The army list was a last minute write up, next time I played I didn’t take two. However in a larger battle I may even take three!

  • ChopperHarris says:

    Very high risk.
    If you do take two Bloodwild – good luck!

  • Bloodwild says:

    Nice batrep. I rarely take a Balefire (much less Two!) in a 1k game, impressive. *Contemplates taking a few in next game*

  • AlQuds says:

    Nice pictures and thanks for the report! I also feel that playing 2 catapults at this size of the game is brave. Congratulations on the win!

  • ChopperHarris says:

    Good win.
    2 Balefire Catapukts?
    That’s a high risk list. Boom or bust literally.
    Glad it worked for you.