Edge of the Abyss

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The Final Frustration

The Empire of Dust
Mountain Gremlin
VS Kingdoms of Men
High Examplar Nathiel Black
Here We Go Again
Send an Knight to do an Archers Job
Fear is REAL!
Half of you go this way...
Not Again

Admiral Arkanten's Ships had brought us across the great sea. We followed the rivers to a tributary which brought us to an entrance. Behind the boarded up entrance a mine. Once again the horse tribe opposed us. We formed up a battle line behind the barrow, placing the catapult in full view of their army. Exploration of the mine will have to wait.

Though we had the initiative we stopped to pray to our gods, and of the return of our Great Pharaoh Omarotep IV letting our enemy advance. How can these blaspheming monsters expect to pass into the underworld, and into the afterlife without honouring their gods. Despite our prayers the catapult shot went wild, though the mechanism held and we are thankful for it. Their archers pelted our war-machine as the cataphracts advanced upon us. The gods had clearly punished them as each arrow failed to hit anything vital on our balefire catapult.

Venting their frustration and ignoring the great Ibis', their horsemen charged our war machine destroying it. Admiral Arkenten had ordered us to face left and open fire. The will of the gods channelled by our masters sped the honour guard into our incestuous foe vanquishing them. Praying had paid off.

Their archers shot the flying Ibis, driving them away from our command - again more blasphemy. At this time our infantry clashed with theirs. They destroyed our warriors, though our farmers held. In retaliation the Royal honour guard charged one of the hordes of spearmen, willed on by the gods after we pelted them with arrows and spells. After such an onslaught those that remained quailed before us - ignoring their own command.

Their leader charged my god-kings chariots smashing them - In-Sur-Ra ascends. The Admiral faced their leader and spear men alone. Alongside high priest Romario will urged my horse archers forward and we avenged ourselves on their archers.

We turned around looking at our foe and fallen. Thanks to the gods, our priests and kings we would recombine in the underworld and avenge this day. Can our blasphemous foe say the same?

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