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Night of the Wavering Ogres

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Fully Wavered

Time in the afterlife can be strange, hazy and confusing. I barely remember living or even dying and in this... existence it is difficult to form memories. Though I will always remember how to fight, how to ride and to honour my Gods and Kings. That is all I can ask.

I will always remember they day we fought the oafs. The desecrater's of the Temple of My God and King Omarotep II. May the Sun shine from his brow forever-more. My all the Underworld hail his name.

We marched to join my Lords fleet who should have been awaiting us by the rivers. Instead we were greeted by the sight of Oafish creatures who should have been enslaved centuries ago. With a single word from our God-King we stopped. The Great Heirophant - High Priest Romario gestured to one of their contingents and cursed ancient oaths of vengeance. The disrespect that has never been witnessed in millennia of existence - those oafs had desecrated our temple and used parts of it to shield themselves. My the Gods have mercy on us all for witnessing such blasphemy.

Lead by the God-King and the Great Heirophant, the infantry stopped and prayed to the gods even as our enemy advanced. Only the cavalry and chariots opened fire. I spurred my horses onward, downriver towards their flank. Once again I saw their surprise as we opened fire from horseback while turning - despite the passage of time this tactic never seems to dumbfound our foe.

We could fight like this all day, were it not for the wrath of our lord and master who willed us to cut them down. And cut them down we did.

Over by the centre I saw our infantry engage with theirs. A being of God-like proportions stalked our warriors and their fire-casters destroyed a regiment of spears.

However it was the great flying Ibis, summoned by the great Heirophant who flew over their battle lines who proved most useful. Simultaneously the spears and Ibis charged, I called an oath to the Gods and spurred on my horses to charge the blasphemers. I felt a feeling I had not felt in millennia - I felt alive.

Somehow they held. My God-King called forth in a rage not heard of since the fall of the city of Estheb'hes. They trembled in fear before us. I have witnessed many things in this living-dead-life, and to cause fear due to our fighting ability rather than my appearance is the greatest experience yet.

I now know why the Gods chose us for continued existence past death. I humble myself before them and before my God-King. Of the enemy what can I say except, they died for their sins. I will fight eternally for my beliefs.

Omarotep II be praised.

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The Empire of Dust
Mountain Gremlin