Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

2000K points On the Precipice

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VS Elves
Purple Elf

Set up:
The Undead placed the Werewolves far out on the left flank, then the two regiments of skellies supported by the Litch Queen, centre left. The Mummies just to the right of the skellies and they were supported by a Necromancer who replaced Surge with Heal.
The Soul Reaver Cavalry, Undead Worm, Wraiths and Cursed Pharaoh with the wings of the Honeymaze deployed to the left.
The Elves deployed the Centaurs drafted in from the Forces of Nature armies deployed opposite the Werewolves on the left with the Drakon Riders just to their right.
The centre was occupied by the bolt thrower, archers, Tree Herder and Forest Shamblers.
The Stormwind Cavalry and Elvin King on Steed occupied the right flank with Spirit Walkers and Shamen drafted in from the Forces of Nature armies in support of them.
The Elves used Vanguard to move up the Shambers and Tree Herder.

Turn 1:
The Wight King on Undead Worm flew in range of the Tree Herder to cast Soul Drain for two wounds and the Wraiths and Cursed Pharaoh moved in support while the Soul Reaver Cavalry moved forward ensuring they would not be charged by the Elven Cavalry.
The Werewolves moved on the Double to threaten the Centaurs on the Right.

The Drakon Riders Flew close to the Werewolves and did two wounds through the Diadem of Dragon Kind. The Elvin Line moved forward except the Bolt Thrower, which fired two wounds into the Mummies.

Turn 2:
The Mummies Regenerated both Wounds back
The Wight King exploited a mistake in the Elves' movement phase and was able to successfully rear charge the Shambers, inflicting 11 wounds and taking them out of the game. The Wraiths and Cursed Pharaoh flew towards the Elven Centre.

The Tree Herder in return used Soul Drain on the Wight King for two wounds. The Wight King was in a vulnerable position with the bolt thrower and archers with piercing 1 were now all within range. Was it a tactical mistake presenting the Shambers as a target? Luckily for the Wight King only 7 more wounds were inflicted, totalling 9. A poor nerve roll meant the Wight King was only waivered. Elsewhere the Drakon Riders flew toward the Mummies and inflicted 1 wound with the Diadem of Dragon kind while the Centaurs aimed their arrows at the Werewolves and inflicted 1 wound to waiver them.

Turn 3:
The Wraiths and Cursed Pharaoh flew to the left flank of the Elven Archers and within range to cast Soul Drain and use the Diadem of Dragon kind, which combined caused 5 wounds. The Balefire Catapult finally hit and caused 5 wounds on the Tree Herder. Meanwhile the Soul Reaver Cavalry changed focus and headed towards the centre to threaten the Tree Herder.

The Elven Archers and Bolt thrower combined only managed 2 wounds on the Wight King and after another astonishingly low nerve roll only managed to waiver him again. The soul Reaver Cavalry, King and Spirit Walkers ceased the opportunity presented to them on the right flank, which the Reaver Cavalry had vacated and pressed forward. The Beefed up Heal spell ensured that the Elven Archers were fully healed with all dice rolled landing on 4+.
The Tree Herder charged into the Soul Reaver Cavaly and inflicted 2 wounds and the Drakon Riders charged into the Mummies for 7 wounds.
The Centaurs failed to would the Werewolves which were now able to take the waiver marker off.

Turn 4:
The Mummies regenerated 2 wounds and the necromancer healed a further 1 wound.
The Wraiths and Pharaoh charged the Elven Archers for 7 wounds. The Werewolves finally charged the Centaurs and inflicted 3 wounds.
The Mummies and Soul Reaver Cavavlry counter charged the Drakon Riders for 4 and Tree Herder for 4 respectively.
The Wight King moved to the rear of the Spirit walkers but was just out of range to cast Soul Drain.

The Archers received 3 wounds back from the Healing spell. The Centaurs Counter Charged the Werewolves to do 2 wounds and waiver them. The Archers counter charged the Wraiths inflicting 2 wounds.
The Drakon Riders caused another 4 wounds on the Mummies in their combat and the Tree Herder a further 2 wounds on the Soul Reaver Cavalry.

Turn 5:
The Mummies Regeneration with the Heal spell fully recovered all wounds and counter charged the Drakon Riders.
The Wight King move into position to cast Soul Drain for one wound and recovering a wound in return.
The Soul Reavers did a further 2 wounds on the Treeman, but failed to remove or waiver him.
A breakthrough finally came with the Mummies inflicting a further 3 wounds on the Drakon Riders, but the inspiring spell of Argus forced a re-roll, which was a double one!
The Cursed Pharaoh and Wrigths had a good battle and inflicted a total of 11 wounds on the Archers, but were now being threated by the Tall Spears approaching from the left.

The Treeman abandoned the combat with the Soul Reavers to try to smash the Undead Centre. He was now in range to inflict 2 wounds on a regiment of skellies and recover 2 himself.
The Spirit Walkers slammed into the side of the Soul Reaver Cavalry inflicting 7 wounds to waiver them while the Centaurs inflicted a further 2 wounds on the Werewolves which was enough to remove them from the field.
The Elvin Archers inflicted 4 wounds on the Wraiths and the Tall Spears inflicted 5 on the Cursed Pharoah.
The Stormwind Cavalry and Elven King Double Charged a regiment of Skellies causing 11 wounds but the Skellies passed their Nerve with flying colours.

Turn 6:
The Pharaoh regenerated 3 wounds.
The Wight King inflicted 2 wounds with Soul Drain on the Spirit Walkers and generously gave the 2 wounds back to the Soul Reaver Cavalry who could only turn and face the Spirit Walkers as they were waivering.
The Pharoah and Wraiths did a further 5 wounds on the archers.
A counter charge into the Tree Herder from the Regiment of Skellies proved fruitless, but had 3 wounds recovered from the Heal spell the Litch Queen cast.
The Stormwind Cavalry were also Counter Charged by a Regiment of Skellies who had received 2 wounds back from the Necromancer’s heal spell. They managed to inflict 3 wounds and recovered 2 back thanks to the undead rat in the unit.

The Elven Archers received 2 wounds back from the Mage.
The Stormwind Cavalry and Elven King double charged the Regiment of Skellies again and this was enough to remove them from the field.
The Centaurs moved on the double to the centre but remained well out of range to shoot at any enemy unit. The Tree Herder inflicted a further 4 wounds on the other Regiment unit, but wasn’t enough to finish them.
The Spirit Walkers inflicted 4 wounds on the Soul Reaver Cavalry and this was enough to finish the unit, but the inspiring presents of the Wight King forced a re-roll of another double 1 and the Revers held firm.
The Tall Spears inflicted 4 more wounds on the Cursed Pharoah and the Archers dealt 3 wounds on the Wraiths, but both stood firm.

Turn 7:
A 5 was rolled and an extra turn was battled out.
The Pharaoh regenerated 1 wound.
The Bale Fire Catapult managed a hit and inflicted 3 wounds to the Tall Spears.
The Mummies charged the Stormwind Cavalry and caused 6 wounds but failed to destroy the cavalry. The Pharoah and the Wraiths inflicted 6 wounds on the Elf Archers and destroyed the unit.
The Wight King Flew his Worm into the side of the Tree Herder and the Regiment of Skellies charged the front and were both able to destroy the Tree Herder.
The Shamen recovered 1 wound on the Spirit Walkers
The Bolt Thrower inflicted 2 more wounds on the Wight King but yet another double 1 helped him survive yet again.
The Spirit Walkers wounded but could only waiver the Soul Reavers.
End of the Battle and a lucky victory to the Undead, which could have been a draw if it were not for the double 1 rolls on Undead nerve tests.

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  • Bad Elf says:

    Wow! Great report guys. Loads of pictures and looks like a good game too. Definitely one of the best ones I’ve read

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Nice report!

  • ChopperHarris says:

    Looking forward to the rematch report.
    How did the elves lose this? Most of the undead army were on the brink most of the game looking at the report.

  • Marwin says:

    Wow, this combat report is exemplary! Pokras, tactics, fan – everything is there. For the sake of these games it is worth playing in

  • Bloodwild says:

    Nice batrep! Very very close battle.

  • Bad Elf says:

    That Purple Elf list looks tricky to play against.
    I got to ask though – Undead and NO ZOMBIES???
    I thought the rule was you can never have enough Zombies!

  • Croathus says:

    Great, solid report! Congrats on the win! Keep pushing those pointy ears back!

  • Purple Elf says:

    Hi Devean,
    I could have easily won that battle. I just couldn’t get the nerve rolls right. And no it wasn’t a mistake putting my shambers out there. I wanted to tempt his Wight King into the open and in front of my firing squad. I hoped my shambers may have survived one round of combat because I knew that with my bolt thrower, archers with piercing 1 and 23 attacks and soul drain from my treeman I could take him off the table. But my shambers went, although I did do enough wounds to take him out but fluffed my nerve roll.
    ~Next time!
    And thanks for liking our report.

  • Mortan says:

    Thanks Devean. I’m still learning my way around this site so all suggestions and help are welcome.
    It was a very lucky win. So many double ones and to be fair, my Wight King could and should have gone turn 2 so it was a miracle he survived the whole game really. Soul Reaver Cavalry should have gone too. I rode my luck to the end. I’m playing her again next week and she’s convinced she will get her revenge. Thanks for reading!

  • Devean says:

    Great report! And well done on the win. If I could make a suggestion it would be to space the pictures out to break up the writing a bit. I look forward to reading more of your reports 🙂