Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

2000 points March to War

2000+ POINTS
VS Forces of Basilea

The Undead Marched on the formidable forces of Bazzatron’s Basileans for what promised to be a battle for the ages. It did not disappoint.

Set up:
The Undead set up defensively knowing the Basileans would be charging a horde of Paladin Knights at the earliest opportunity. The Werewolves, Soul Reaver Cavalry, Wraiths, Cursed Pharaoh and Wight King on Undead Worm set up on the undead left and away from the Paladin knights who were on the Basilean’s left, threatening the Undead Right Flank. The Bale Fire Catapult set up on the back left flank corner, while the Mummies, Liche Queen, Necromancer and two Regiments of Skellies set up in the centre in the hopes of slowing the Paladin Knight’s advance.
The Basilean forces countered the undead cavalry and werewolves by placing their units of Panther Lances opposite, with the Paladin Foot Guard and two Elohi Regiments taking the centre.

Turn 1 saw a general advance of the Basilean line.
The Undead sent their Werewolves into a unit of Panthers while the Soul Reaver gambled on taking on the second unit of Panther’s knowing they were carrying the pendent of retribution. The high defence gave the reavers encouragement to take the blast.
The centre retreated back and left away from the Paladin Knights.
The Bale Fire catapult missed and soul drain on a Panther unit from the Wight King was ineffectual.
The Werewolves inflicted four wounds on the Panthers while the Reavers successfully took out the second Panther unit. A 9 was rolled for the pendant and 8 wounds were inflicted and the Undead were left to rue the gamble they made.

Turn 2:
A unit of Elohi flew into the Reaver Cavalry; the third unit of Panthers charged the Balefire Catapult and the battle between the Werewolves and a Panther Unit Continued.
The wizards fireballed the Wight King and caused three wounds in total.
The reavers and Catapult were lost in a bad turn for the Undead and the Basileans in full control of events.

Turn 3: The Werewolves charged back into the Panthers and the Wraiths and Cursed Pharaoh double charged the Elohi looking to avenge the Reavers.
The centre retreated further left to avoid the oncoming Elohi, Paladin Knights and Foot Guard.
The Wight King Flew over the battle to soul drain the Elohi in combat with the Wraiths and Pharaoh, and in turn recovering two wounds himself.
The double charge successfully removed the Elohi and the cursed Pharaoh turned to face the Panthers that were threatening to flank the Wraiths following their combat with the Bale Fire Catapult.
The Werewolves were only able to waiver the panthers.

Turn 3:
The Panthers charged the Pharaoh and the Paladin foot and Cavalry drew closer to the Undead Centre. The Panthers with the Dwarven Ale were able to shake off the wavering and counter charged the Werewolves who were also flanked by a small unit of Paladin Foot.
The Wizards unsuccessfully fireballed the Wraiths, but in combat the Werewolves were Waivered
The Panthers inflicted 4 wounds on the Pharoah. The Undead began to slowly take control of their left/Basilean’s Right, but the Basilean’s major threat were closing in on the Undead right.
The Undead capitalised on their fortunate position on the left. The Wraiths flanked charged the Paladin foot that had helped to Waiver the Werewolves, while the Wight King Rear Charged the Panthers.
The Undead Centre braced themselves for the inevitable charge from the Paladins.
The Pharaoh resumed combat with the Panthers and inflicted two wounds.
The Wight King and Wraiths won decisively in their battles for the undead to take complete control of their left.

Turn 4:
The Paladin Knights charged to Regiment of Skellies and removed them from the board.
The Paladin Foot had some success against the second unit of Skellies, but the Skellies held firm.
The Panthers inflicted 2 wounds on the Cursed Pharaoh.
The Wizards fireballed the Wight King for 3 wounds.
The Pharaoh regenerated 2 wounds and the remaining Skellie Regiment counter charged the Paladin Foot, knowing they would be flank charged by the Paladin Knights in the next turn but managing to inflict 3 wounds.
The Wight Queen and Necromancer both Soul Drained the Paladin Foot and only managed a measly 1 wound between them after some astonishingly low rolls.
The Wight King charged Abbess for 3 wounds and failed to even waiver. The Wraiths flew into combat with a Wizard to inflict another 3 wounds, while the Werewolves Turned to face the Panthers the cursed Pharaoh was locked in combat with. The cursed Pharaoh did a further two wounds to waiver them.

Turn 5:
The Paladin Foot charged the Skellies front on while the Knights hit them on their right flank easily destoying the unit, leaving the Mummies the only unit left holding the centre with the Liche Queen and Necromancer with a unit of Elohi close being in support of the Paladins.
The Knights reformed to try to outflank the Undead by charging back up the field to threaten the Wraiths and Wight King.
It was looking grim for the Undead centre.
The Wizard who managed to remain out of combat inflicted another wound on the Wight King with Fireball.

Sensing the Danger, the Wight King abandoned his battle with Abbess and flew over the top of the Paladin Knights to threaten their rear or the rear of the Paladin foot or Elohi that were closing in on the Mummies.
The Necromancer retreated next to the Mummies for protection.
The Wraiths adjusted their position behind a building to avoid a charge from the Paladin Knights and inflicted one wound from the Diadem of Dragon kind on a Wizard.
The Werewolves, now no longer wavering double charged the remaining Panther unit with the Pharaoh and removed them from play.
Soul drain from both the Liche Queen and Necromancer managed only two wounds on the Paladin foot after yet more low dice rolls.

Turn 6:
The Paladin Foot and Elohi charged the front and right flank of the Mummies respectively and inflicted enough wounds to remove them from play, leaving the Liche Queen and Necromancer in a very vulnerable position.
The Knights moved swiftly back up the battlefield away from the Wight King and towards the Wraiths.
Fireball inflicted two wounds on the Wraiths.
The Werewolves and Pharaoh double charged the front of the Paladin Foot, while the Wight King Rear Charged them and the Liche Queen and Necromancer finally had a little more success with the Soul drain spells combining enough wounds to remove the Foot from the battlefield.
The Wraiths did another 2 wounds on Abess to remove her from battle.

Turn 7:
After a roll of 6 a final turn was battled out.
The Paladin Knights turned to face the Wraiths and in protection of the two remaining Wizards. The Elohi Charged the Werewolves and finally destroyed the Lycans with a ferocious attack.
The Wizards inflicted one more wound on the Wraiths with fireball but that was not enough to destroy them.
The Wraiths flew just in front of the Paladin Knights and attempted to use the Diadem of Dragon kind on a Wizard already wounded but to no affect.
The Wight King and Cursed Pharaoh double charged the Elohi. Poor rolling on the attacks and with the Soul Drain again from the Necromancer and Liche Queen resulted in the Elohi surviving the combat and the end of the battle.

It was a terrific battle with the Basileans taking control in the early stages and the Undead slowly taking control in the latter stages for a very hard fought victory.

Thanks Bazzatron. I honestly thought I was going to get tabled after turn 2, so I'm really pleased I managed to get a win. Very tough opponent.
Those Pesky Halflings and their Duke next for me in the campaign.

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