Edge of the Abyss

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Massacre in the Glades

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VS Forces of the Abyss

Things had been going well for the Halpi 23rd. They'd marched north through the mountains with little resistance. Herneas's scouts had started using their overnight camps as a base of operations, and the extra intelligence had been useful.

It was about a week into their march north, they were preparing to break camp when an Elven mage appeared in Morrolan's command tent, with orders for Herneas.

"You are requested to support our forces in the Twilight Glades, we are being overrun by abyssal fiends, your rangers would be a great asset."

After a brief discussion, it was decided that both Herneas and Morrolan would brought through the elven ways to defend the Glades. The journey was nightmarish, and his troops were definitely shaken when they appeared. Morrolan had little time to rally his forces as they were beset by abyssal horrors almost as soon as they appeared.

Morrolan's forces form up, as the abyss descend on Herneas and his hunters.

Herneas was cut off. Winged fiends descending from all sides. His ranges shot down what they could, but soon scattered into the trees, leaving Herneas to snipe with the Skewerer. Meanwhile the Halpi 23rd picked their way cautiously through the unfamiliar trees.

They unleashed the mastiffs on the fiends in front of them, and then charged in. Many fields fell to the dwarven hammers and others scattered. But the fiends that had dealt with the Rangers were now swooping into the dwarven flanks.

The horde of Lower Abyssals is broken, but the rest of the Abyss is bearing down

Morrolan took on the giant Archfiend, he manage to put up a good fight, but one of it's burning claws caught his helmet, and Morrolan blacked out.

He came too in a makeshift camp. The scattered dwarves had managed to escape and start to reform, treat their wounded and build some rudimentary defenses. The Abyssals had been left to take the portals as the Halip 23rd was decisively routed.

The battle ends. Herneas looks on, unable as the Bulwalkers are surrounded, but not destroyed. The abyssals hold two portals, and contest the only one that the Dwarves could hold.

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Forces of the Abyss

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