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Battle of Stoneground

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Abyssal Dwarfs
VS Dwarfs

It was my first campaign game. Decided to play it with a friend with whom I started playing KoW two years ago. Our armies grew nicely over those two years so we decided to play a 2500 games. Our first battles of this size!

We decided to play a dwarf scenario.

Friends set a table for us and we were ready to deploy.

First turns
Vanilla dwarfs stared their turn my moving slowly forward. Ironguard and rangers pushed more aggressively on my left wing. Brocks with a berserker and Sveri did the same of my right wing. Luckly for me organ guns were out of range so they moved this turn instead of shooting. But not all Dwarf units were out or range! My artillery got wavered by Rangers and sharpshooters.

Middle of my line moved as fast as possible in response to what Dwarfs did. Decided to use my Supreme Iron-caster way more offensively this game than I usually do so he took a position to threaten several spots. Gargoyles and Overmaster did the same thing positioning behind an impassible rock on my right flank. Also Infernok moved forward to press my opponent. Dealing with Brocks was my priority at that point!

Second turn started with Berserker lord charging my slave orcs and bulwakers and Sveri charging gargolyes. Dwarfs wanted to pin one of my mobile units down and threaten my deciamtor's flank but the remaining berserkers were still holding their charge of. They only re-positioned themselves to get better angles. Organ guns started their chant in a middle dealing damage to my decimators while rangers and sharpshooters dealt with my rocket launcher. Crew did not hold their ground and fled. Ironclad and elementals moved forward but stopped just outside my charge range.

Gore riders counter-charged the berserker lord and even after taking heavy loses were able to fight back dealing several wounds. Supreme iron-caster attacked one of those nasty organ guns, After long deliberation decided to turn and decimate bulwaker's regiment with my shooty horde. Slaves were protecting me from being flank charged by ironclad. Infernok were surged into Sveri's flank and an overmaster with halfbreeds charged one regiment of Brocks. It was a suicidal charge for Halfbreeds. They are indeed a glass hammer. There was not much going on in the middle where my golems moved a bit forward positioning themselves. Fire teams shot a volley but delt almost no wounds to elementals. My left flank was under more pressure. Immortal guard released the hounds in a previous turn but dealt almost no damage to rangers and had to back off a bit to prevent iron guard from flanking my golems.

After loosing one regiment of brocks dwarves decided to be a bit more aggressive. Remaining brock charged halfbreeds whipping them down. Sveri countered Infernok and Berserker lord sent slaves back to their pits. In the middle elementals with ironclad destroyed another unit of slaves. Immortal guard was under constant pressure from rangers and sharpshooters but hold their ground buying me another turn.

Finally more action! Golems flank charged the ironclad (long with a rear charge from an iron-caster who destroyed an organ gun) taking them down. Golems also flank charged greater earth elemental but did poorly. Infernok delt with Sveri and an Overmaster repositioned himself to brock's flank. Being out of sight allowed him to breath attack them.

Final turns of the game. Dwarfs took down my Immortal guard with a combined charge from rangers and rangers. Berserker lord with remining brocks finished an Infernok but were taken out by Decimators and an Overmaster in return (Overmaster blocked their potential charge lane and bursted flames on those poor brocks). Golems delt with earth elementals weakened by two turns of shooting from fire teams (over iron clad's heads). They also attacked Ironguard responsible for cleaning by weaker flank. This was also a turn where Greater Earth elemental was unable to surge charge golem's flank. 8 dice, one success. Needed 2... Final acts of the game were when breath team killed an engineer and rangers and when an Overmaster flew into a middle of a field to threaten a sharpshooter troop (there was no turn 7) who were constantly dealing damage to my units. Luckily not enough to break them.

It was an EPIC game but we had no time to rest... Another battle was upon us so we both licked our wounds and marched to war. Again!

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Abyssal Dwarfs