Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Battle of the Teuto-ahir Forest

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
VS Kingdoms of Men

Second battle of the day. On the same table to speed things up as it was getting late. This time I have faced a heavy defensive army of one of the human kingdoms.

The battle itself was all about me advancing and him shooting at me. I was able to stop a 36" Arquebusiers with my Iron-caster for some time but he got taken out by those peasants in two turns of combat (why he always has to fight instead of cast spells??)! Luckily my left wing took control of this part of a field and secured most terrain pieces. It was not easy. Cavalry horde with Pathfinder was a huge threat but I was able to deal with other units protecting them, send them a volley from decimators (sacrificing my Overmaster to do so and then charging them with halfbreeds. But again. Not easy. Flyers and chaff everywhere.

What kept my golem line was a Banner of a Griffin + Brew of Courage + heal (5). Really. Nerve -/18 and -/19 on golems was a saving grace.

I have also enjoyed my Overmaster a lot in this game and in a previous one. Sure. He is 8 attacks not 10 but he adds so much to my tool box that I think he is my new favourite toy. Great Taurus rock!

Heavy shooting army deployed very deep is a huge pain to deal with for an army like mine. Now when I think about the deployment I should have to deploy like everything on my left wing, Hidden behind the rocky "forest" in the middle. Why? Most objectives were there. Slow armies should not try to take control over every terrain.

It was a great game at a club! Two fantastic games against great guys. After all what counts is... WINNING FOR THE ABYSS! ( :) )

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