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Brotherhood of Warsaw vs Salamanders

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VS Kingdoms of Men

Third time lucky?

Deployment minus my clan lord who was placed to the right of the Kaisenor

So after reaching the dizzying heights of my third game of KoW, here is the report of what went down.

So the idea of the deployment was to have a stronger force on the right hand flank to hopefully get some bitey dinosaurs in there to feed on the flesh of the Warsaw Massive!

I wanted the Kaisenor Lancers to act partly as a distraction to draw the opposing cavalry away from my right hand attack.

Salamander turn one.

So quite a basic first turn. Advance on the right hand flank, I want the Ank and Ancients in combat so need to get them in there quickly. Although could not quite get them out of the Arc of the Cannonista (Balistas).

Horde of Primes moved forward slowly so as to not be in range of those nasty large Hordes of bowmen.

Over on the far left we decided to make a backwards advance, some may suggest that this is cowardice in the face of a larger force. However, it became clear after deployment that the Kaisenor and Clan lord had both forgotten to brush and sharpen their teeth. But that wouldn't take long to sort out and they can be off again.

Gek's moved up to get a few shots off. Took a few off hits on one artillery and troop of rangers. Keeping my fingers crossed for a couple double 6's.......but no, they had a little chuckle and the turn was over.

Brotherhoods turn one.

After the Kaisenor had cleaned and sharpened their spectacular fangs the looks up to see a field of thundering cavalry heading their way.

Ancients take a few hits but laugh in the face of these petulant humans as they feel a little rumble in their belly's! Middle Geks in the wood take a few hits but nothing to scary to make them run as they are normally inclined to do.

Salamander turn two

Turn two started with thunderous roar as the Kaisenor took it upon themselves to go for first blood and take out a little chaff! I would like to say this was part of the battle plan but it was due to the fact they were unable to pivot and maneuver around the small pond...really should have moved them differently on turn one.

My clan lord firebolted the Reccon guys across the pond. Two wounds and got them wavered (this will become a little be of a theme). A few other little bits of shooting but unfortunately nothing to write home about. A couple of wounds taken off of the flyer but no tests were failed.

Combat phase...no surprises.
Brotherhood turn two

A few pivots, one charge and some pesky humans flying over our heads...to nicely position themselves out of any arcs to be charged.

Shooting was a little more successful with with loss of a troop of Gekhs.

And wait, whats this, lancers being smashed in the face repeatedly until they finally have enough and have little lay down. Wavered is not what I wanted to happen there. But they live to be punched in the face again!

A little blurry - Salamander turn three

What to do. Well my ancients are still hungry for blood and are a little disappointed to spend another turn moving into position. But still plenty of time left for them to get stuck in. The mage moves and along side his anklydon buddy, Lizardy wrath is poured upon that pesky flying horse! (I don't believe in horses flying but have been assured it will be transforming into a rather splendid eagle in the near future, hopefully the beauty will not be ruined by the crashing and burning I will undoubtedly be inflicting upon it). Although there was no crashing and burning this turn, I am some what a optimist.

Clan lord manages to cause another two wounds, the last two were healed on brotherhood turn two. but the wavier again as fire bolts singe their coats and mustaches. I am assuming they have mustaches but there is no other explanation for the fearless resolve in the face of fiery death!

Opps forgot to put the arrow in but my horde moved forward to gain some cover from the woods in front of them. Yet again for my third game I have wasted this unit...although they have been drawing fire they have not done anything.

Brotherhood turn three

A rather painful turn for myself. 17 wounds inflicted upon my horde which they took with grace and honor. With their glorious rallying roars (whilst hiding in the woods) we cast our eyes to the far left of the battlefield and the lancers. Well....yeah they are no longer on the table their faces did not like being tickled with a -2 on def attack.

That flying horse... I mean come on make up your mind. I call weak strategic oversight. But then again...it did cause a bit of deliberation and made up for this dilly dallying.

Salamander turn four

My wonderful Clan Lord positioned so he could not be charged and fired yet again at the mustached hero's who were healed again last turn. These guys are quickly becoming deserving of a medal. No hits landed this turn.

The primes, are most definitely not hiding but shuffling along to observe the interesting flora and fauna native to this area. In doing so they just so happy to gain a little bit of extra cover...well what a happy coincidence.

Shooting from the remaining Gekh, Anklyodon destroy one arty piece. The mage fires 10 balls of fire. to little effect.

Now the ancients have had enough they want to eat at least one person and want to do it now. So they bravely charge an artillery piece in the rear. I was so proud of them....

needless to say it died a little bit but left them in a position where they were going to be charged. My hope was that they would survive and the magical horse would be left in a position where the Ank could charge on my next turn. So reformed to take the flyer in the front as (with a little discussion and a few pointers from my opponent, cheers) this was the most sensible option and most likely to survive.

Brotherhood turn four

A few bits of movement and and spinning around ready to shoot at the ancients next turn.

My horde was routed. Shot from the bowmen in the trees in front. Those things can be a little savage and landed quite a few hits. The two trees did not act as a sufficient cover after all. No more shooting this turn but I that was enough for my liking anyway.

Combat. The ancients took a bit of a beating. Think they took 8 wounds from memory but where hit 30 times in the rear...only suffering one wound. Both enemy units bounced back 1' as the ancients did not waiver...woot. Roll was missed by 1. Luckily for me.

Salamander turn five

Turn five, a few more fire balls into the hero's of the unkempt mustache, they just do not know when to give in. Although I am loving the free pivot an individual has before moving. Has come in handy and stopped the CL from being charged yet again.

Gehkotah's are getting back in the action and manage to land and impressive one hit against the horde of bowmen in front of them...well done lads!

Due to movement restriction's and my mage suffering a slight cramp in his left leg he was out of range for everything this turn.

Combat was a little more successful than shooting. No more flying horses! woop. The Ank gave him a swift slap and told him to go home. Could things be coming together...ohh wait a min whats that six ancients on Rhinosaurs against rangers...you did what? ohh not an awful lot but wavered is better than nothing. I was secretly hoping to chew them up and move on through this turn but it was not to be.

Brotherhood turn five

Movement...lots from the left to the right coming over to see whats going on. Or maybe as a counter to destroy the last of my fighting units. I think they were just being nosy though.

The horde of bowmen shoot the ancients into submission.

Salamander turn six

The most noteworthy part of the round was the Rangers dying...not that that was a surprise but the following advance of the Ank put him just out of the arc of the horde of shooting death. That reload rule is a saving grace.

My Clan Lord took a few wounds off of the same unit yet again, managing to clip the Sargent mustache which only served to anger him further...yet again they are going no where.

Brotherhood turn six

More movement down towards the Ank. Word is spreading fast that this big bugger is worth 250 points and there is a 50% chance of a turn seven. If the game ends here then it is a definite victory for the brotherhood. If there is a seventh and I can rout one unit it should be a draw, two and a possible victory....

The mustached champions of the realm have been healed by the hero moving back towards them. Wonderful.

Salamander turn seven - charge!!!

So definitely the final turn...it is make or break, and wow not a single unit routed. the Ank got minimal hits on the bowmen, and the Clan lord continued to chip away but to no avail,
Gehk's had a cheeky shot with insignificant results.

Brotherhood turn seven
The undoubted hero's of the battle.

So when all was said and done my third battle of KoW was actually a very enjoyable one. I I had destroyed 25 points more than I did it would have been a draw.

Brotherhood - 775 points killed
Salamanders - 600 points killed

Time to sit down and have a look at a list for next week and ensure that I get my horde moving if I take them again. Need to play around with a few different unit combinations.

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Kingdoms of Men


  • Matt says:

    Thanks, yeah they are slowly being done, to many to paint and not enough time.

  • Marwin says:

    A good report, the idea to use in the photographs indicated a successful one. Afflicts only a small number of painted miniatures, but still, I like it!

  • Bloodwild says:

    Great batrep!

  • Raziel says:

    Lots of pics and debrief, great batrep.

  • paladin314 says:

    I like the additions to the pics you had, but I second Corathan’s question? No matter who one, it counted for a good win.

  • Matt says:

    Do you lose individual for bring mounted? You are right I was counting that the CL had this. Thank you, still learning all the rules and using an online list creator that did not take it off.

  • Crags says:

    Good write up, and sounds a fun battle. Just a not on the individual rule. Seems that your clan lord was benefiting from this from a comment you made, though if he is mounted on a drake, he does not have the individual rule.

  • Lyokos says:

    Haha Matt! Warsaw Massive! I like that. That is gonna be a thing now.

  • Lyokos says:

    We only know 4 people who play and 1 is Romans/Dwarves and another is Undead.

  • Matt says:

    Thanks Devean, makes more sense to me like that.

    Also Corathan that was the armies that turned up on the night. No bad guys around so we had a little rumble.

  • Devean says:

    Great report! I love how you edited the photos to show what moved where, helps visual learners like me a lot 🙂

    Well written too

  • Corathan says:

    Looks like a fun battle, but why good vs good