Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Nature vs Undead

Forces of Nature
VS Undead

The battle took place in the twilight glades. Both undead and forces of nature had 3 portals in the deployment zone. We could just do nothing and the battle would be an instant draw but that wasn't the case.
On the right flank forest shamblers and tree herder used vanguard and the centaurs leed by Flaxhoof took the position to attack the weakest spot of the enemy - his left flank where he had just troops of ghuls and revenant cavalry and one regiment of skeletons and a catapult. Seeing that the undead mooved there two hordes of skeleton spearmen and warriors to support there left flank and that gived the elementals a chance to flank-charge them. And thats just what happened. The undead were all destroyed and the nature forces ended up controlling 2 portals at the end. Also thanks to druid's and unicorn's heal spell there were no loses on the nature side.

Sorry for the grammar and spelling. Not a native speaker.

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Forces of Nature