Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Green Horror comes!

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VS Orcs
Warboss Rotgut Ironhead

The Lady´s Garden Stroll.

Captain Telain of the Royal Palace guard, looked out upon the sacred Forest of Galahir, the Lady had wanted to look at the forest of old, and what the abyss had caused to it, he had seen a tear run from her cheeks at all the destruction, that the horrors the abyss had done to the world
Telain knew that he was going to do his all to honour his titel as Honour Guard of the Green Lady and again see a smile on her face.......then suddenly, he saw the Lady simply turn to him, and say 3 simple words

Thy Are Here!

in a single motion the Elven army turned to meet the Orc Horde, decending on the forest.

ikotane ta yesta ("So It begins!")

Turn 1 – orcs

With a mighty war cry the orcs charge ahead to get to the elves!
All orc units move at the double when possible, only the cavalry elements of the orc army restraining themselves somewhat, very aware of the elven cavalry.

Turn 1 – Elves
With usual elven discipline the elves respond to the orc aggression, with arrow fire and small tactical retreats.

The elves not eager to close with the orcs, mostly stand still to shoot, with only a single palace guard unit making a Tactical advance.

The elven shooting start with the bolt thrower shooting the ax horde getting 2 hits, but only wounded the horde 2 times. The sea guard horde opens fire to on the Ax horde, getting an impressive 10 hits and 6 wounds on the tough orcs, which hold their ground.


Turn 2 - Orcs
The orcs rampage thro the forest of Galahir, eager to get to the elven defenders.

With the elves holding back the orcs push forward again. The eager orcs pushing ahead with the cheaper units to force the elves to either attack or be attacked.

The Godspeaker only heals one wound on the ax horde.

The Orcs advance...Prepare!

Turn 2 – elves
Captain Telain, instantly saw the weakness in the orc battle lines and orderd a charge.

The palace guard on the elven right flank spotted an opportunity to charge the Morax regiment and went for It, with the kindred spear horde charging the greatax troop. The stormwind cavalry charged the gore riders, since they had moved to aggressively.

The bolt thrower shot at the Ax horde again, getting 1 hit and 2 wounds, with the sea guard in a fine display of elven skill, hit the ax horde 8 times and wounded them 6 times. The brutal shooting caused the orcs to rout initially, but the flagger changed it to wavering instead.

The palace guard charging the Morax regiment got 7 hits and 5 wounds which wavered the Morax troop. The kindred spears hit the greatax troop 17 times, and wounded them 9 times. Routing the small troop of orcs, the kindred spears turned to face the Morax regiment. The stormwind cavalry hit the gore riders 15 times, and wounded them 12 times, routing the gore riders in an extreme hurry.


Turn 3 – orcs

The krudger charge ahead to fight the elven stormwind cavalry, the gore chariots charge the flank of the palace guard unit that wavered the morax regiment. The rest of the army shuffle forward as best they can, with the ax horde blocking them from getting to the sea guard. A greatax troop reform to flank charge the elven cavalry.

The godspeaker fail to heal the ax horde with his 5 dice.

The chariots get 12 hits, and 8 wounds on the palace guard, which wavers them. The krudger strike out at the stormwind cavalry, hitting 4 times and wounding 3 of them. They hold from the brutal attack.

the ax horde blocks the advance of the rest of the army

Turn3 – elves

With the formation bonus from the campaign rules, the palace guard regenerates 5 damage.
The kindred spear horde do a flank charge the Morax regiment, even though it’s hindered. The other palace guard unit charging the ax horde to finish it off. The stormwind cavalry charge the krudger.

The green lady had moved closer to heal the palace guard unit and removes 4 more damage from the unit, almost undoing the chariots work. The sea guard horde shoot the orcling horde but with most of the unit in cover, is having trouble hitting the tiny unit. Only getting a single hit and wound on them, which don’t break the nerve off them. The bolt thrower shoots at the great ax troop getting 2 hits and 6 wounds on the unit. The elite orcs shrug it off and hold their ground.

The palace guard gets 10 hits on the ax horde with 4 wounds which is enough to rout the decimated unit. The kindred spears get 19 hits on them with 9 wounding hits, which is enough to rout the orcs. The elf cavalry get 14 hits on the krudger, but only 4 wounds goes through, which the Krudger is holding against.

Removing a problem..

Turn 4 – Orcs
The orcs finally are in a good position to get multiple charges in. The greatax troop flank charge the stormwind, while the krudger do a frontal charge. The trolls charge the victorious palace guard and the orclings charge the seaguard. The chariots smash into the palace guard again.

The godspeaker lobs a fireball at the palace guard troop, which does 3 hits and 3 damage, wavering the elf palace guards.

The greatax hindered by the woods still get 10 hits on the stormwind but only getting 5 damage in, the krudger adds another 4 hits and 2 wounds. This is still enough to rout the elven cavalry. The trolls smash into the guard getting 8 hits, and 7 wounds, routing the palace guard from the field. The chariots hit the rejuvenated palace guard again getting 10 hits and 7 wounds, this time the guard hold their ground. The orclings previous helpful cover is now a hindrance and only gets 4 hits with a single wound. The sea guard shrugging it off, and hold the line.

Prepare for the charge!

Turn 4 – elves

The palace guard regenerates 4 wounds, while they and the kindred spears do a combined charge against the chariots. The sea guard counters the orclings.

The bolt thrower finished off the greatax troop with 1 hit and 3 wounds. While the Green lady removes the 1 damage from the sea guard.

The kindred spear horde get 17 hits on the chariots, but does only 2 wounds, the palace guard doing a little better getting 9 hits and 6 wounds on the chariots, routing the unit. The seaguard gets 12 hits on the orclings and do 8 wounds, routing the orclings even with flaggers inspiring.

Turn 5 – Orcs
Trolls charge the seaguard, with the krudger charging into the palace guard troop, between him and bolt thrower.

The Godspeaker throws a fireball at the bolt thrower, getting 2 hits and 2 wounds, but it’s enough to rout the crew.

The troll charge hits the sea guard 7 times and wounds them 5 times, but the sea guard hold the line. The krudger’s charge gets the palace guard 5 times and does 4 wounds, which wavers the elite elves again.

Turn 5 – elves
The sea guard counter charge the trolls, while the palace guard move up to a flanking position. The kindred spears position themselves, between a forest and a hill to capture it.

The Green Lady heals the sea guard for 7 damage.

The sea guards counter charge hits the trolls 15 times and does 5 wounds, the trolls hold the line.

urn 6 – orcs

The krudger charge the palace guard troop, while the trolls charge the sea guard again. Both the flagger and the Godspeaker move out to capture various woods.

The krudger’s charge does 4 hits and 4 wounds which routs the palace guard and the krudger captures the hill in the elf deployment zone.
The trolls charge does a mighty 12 hits and 11 wounds, which wavers the sea guard.

Turn 6 - elves

The palace guard flank charge through the woods on the trolls, while the Green lady flies down to capture the hill, in the orc deployment zone.

The palace guard does their best to kill the trolls with 12 hits and 6 wounds but only manage to waver them,ending the game in a draw.

Game End.

Tho the Green Tide was halted, many had fallen on both sides, the lady was unharmed, but Telain now knew he needed to send word to Commander Lotharion, that forces were needed in the Forest, to repel what ever may come next.

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