Edge of the Abyss

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Skirmish at the Wall

Kingdoms of Men
VS Goblins
UNDEAD DEPLOYMENT (L-R): Skeleton Warrior regiment; Werewolf horde; Necromancer; Revenant horde; Zombie regiment; Revenant Cavalry regiment
GOBLIN DEPLOYMENT (L-R): War Trombone; Goblin Sharpsticks horde; Flaggit; Fleabag Rider regiment; Troll horde; Rabble horde; War Trombone; Wiz; Fleabag Rider regiment
DEPLOYMENT: The Revenant Cavalry rush to defend the unfinished, damaged wall.
DEPLOYMENT: The Goblin War Trombone and Rabble march toward the wall.

TURN 1: The Werewolves hug the edge of the batltlefield, staying out of the Fleabag Riders' range. On the Undead's right flank, the Revenant Cavalry pivot and move along the partially-completed wall. They Surge six inches forward, finding cover behind the trees.

The first Fleabag Rider regiment nimbly pivots in the center of the table, lurking in the trees. They can meet the Revenant horde, or break for the back of the Undead line. The other regiment creep up into the trees across from the Werewolves.

A War Trombone causes two damage to the Revenant Cavalry and the Wiz deals two wounds to the Skeleton Warriors. Both units remain steady.

TURN 2: The Werewolves manage to waver the Fleabag Riders, despite a hindered charge through the trees.
TURN 2: The War Trombone fires from the trees, dealing three damage to the Revenant Cavalry.

TURN 2: The Undead continue their slow advance. The Revenant Cavalry continue to shamble to the back of the Goblin line. The Werewolves charge the Fleabag Riders in the trees. Despite being hindered, the Werewolves--bolstered by the Brew of Strength--cause 10 wounds, wavering the Fleabag Riders.

The first War Trombone causes four more wounds on the Revenant Cavalry. The other War Trombone managed four wounds on the Skeletons. The trees slow the Fleabg Riders in the center of the battlefield, leaving them unable to move at the double. Instead, they nimbly pivot to the Revenant horde's flank, preparing to charge next turn.

TURN 3: The Revenants pivot, to avoid a flank charge from the Fleabag Riders. The Fleabag Riders only manage three wounds in the ensuing combat. In the center of the battlefield, the Zombies find themselves surrounded by Goblins and Trolls.

TURN 3: The Skeleton Warriors Surge through the trees into the Fleabag Riders, wavering them. The Werewolves cause eight wounds, routing the Fleabag Riders and moving five inches forward into the Goblin deployment zone. The Zombies move forward to be sacrificed to the Goblin hordes, while the Revenant Cavalry deals eight wounds to the Goblin Rabble.

The Trolls pivot and move out of the Werewolves' line of sight. One of the War Trombones deals eight wounds to the Skeleton Warriors, routing them. The other Trombone moves forward.

The Sharpsticks flank charge through the trees into the Zombies. Despite 60 attacks, the hindered charge only produces three wounds, and the resilient Zombies hold steady. The Rabble counter-charges the Revenant Cavalry, realizing that a few more wounds will likely spell the end of the Undead horsemen. However, they score five glancing blows that all fail to wound.

Turn 4: Overhead view at beginning of turn.

TURN 4: The Revenants counter-charge the Fleabags, finally routing them. The Revenants pivot toward the center of the tbattlefield. The Werewolves run to the back of the batlefield.

A War Trombone and Wiz combine for six damage on the Revenant horde, which holds steady. The Rabble horde counter-charges the Revenant Cavalry, doing three more wounds. However, the Revenant Cavalry remains steady. The Sharpsticks finally mange to rout the Zombies. The Sharpsticks find themselves surrounded by the Revenants and Werewolves. They turn to face the Werewolves, knowing that they will likely face a rear charge from the Revenants--if the Necromancer can successfully surge the horde.

TURN 5: The Goblin Sharpsticks find themselves in an unfortunate position.

TURN 5: The Revenants Surge five inches into the Sharpstick rear. Despite the hindered charge, they manage 20 wounds. The Goblins prepare to route, but are inspired to stay on the battlefield (rolling double ones on the Nerve re-roll). The Revenant Cavalry deals five wounds to the Rabble, managing to rout them.

The Sharpsticks march forward to prepare for the Werewolves, knowing that a single wound will likely spell their doom. The Trolls continue to march up the flank, parking comfortably in the Undead deployment zone. One of the War Trombones deals yet another wound to the Revenant Cavalry, who somehow remain steady. The other Trombone and Wiz pile four moure wounds onto the Revenant horde, which also holds.

TURN 6: The War Trombones unload 24 shots into the Revenant Cavalry, finally routing them.

TURN 6: The Revenants Surge into the Flaggit, dealing seven wounds and routing him. The Werewolves charge into the Sharpsticks, dealing 10 more wounds and routing them.

The War Trombones unload 24 shots into the Revenant Cavalry. They hit 16 times for six wounds, and the Revenant Cavalry rout. The Wiz continues to chip away at the Revenants, dealing two more wounds with Lightning.

Turn 7: The Aftermath. The resilient Revenant horde survives turns' worth of Lightning and War Trombone fire, spelling the difference between an Undead victory and a draw.

TURN 7: The Revenants shamble into trees for safety, hoping to limit the effectiveness of the inevitable War Trombone fire. The Werewolves run out of the Goblins' firing range.

The War Trombones and Wiz do four more combined damage to the Revenants, but still fail to break them. Their resilience proves to be the difference in the battle. Had they fallen to fire, the battle would end in a draw. However, the Undead survive the Goblin advance and win the day.

(UNDEAD: 2 hordes; Unit Strength 3x2=6. GOBLINS: 1 horde; Unit Strength=3.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Goblins mismanaged the Fleabag Riders and Trolls. They treated this as a typical 'Kill' scenario, focusing on combat rather than using the Fleabag Riders' maneuverability to avoid unnecessary combat. The battle against the Revenants was lengthy and ultimately fruitless. The Fleabag Rider regiment could have disengaged, rather than continually counter-charge the Revenants.

Meanwhile, the Trolls were used as the Fleabags should have been--a quick unit that broke for the back of the Undead ranks, securing objective points and giving the Undead another threat to consider. The Trolls' power would likely have been more successful in slowing the Revenants, who almost routed on the final turn. Had they routed, the Goblins would have drawn, rather than lost.

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