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Playing War Trombone Is Harder Than It Looks...

Kingdoms of Men
VS Goblins
GOBLIN DEPLOYMENT (L-R): 2 Mawbeast regiments; Grogger's Goons; Giant; War Trombone; Grogger Split-Tooth; Sharpstick horde; War Trombone; Sharpstick regiment; Troll horde; Wiz; War Trombone; Mawbeast regiment; Troll horde
UNDEAD DEPLOYMENT (L-R): Wraith troop; Barrow Wight horde; Revenant horde; Skeleton Spearmen regiment; Zombie horde; mounted Necromancer; Werewolf horde; Soul Reaver Cavalry regiment
TURN 1: The Goblin march begins.
TURN 1: The Goblins move toward the opening portals.
TURN 1: The Barrow Wights shamble through the forest, prepared to meet the Goblin charge.
TURN 1: The advance continues.

TURN 2: The Wraiths deal four damage to the Mawbeasts on the left flank, wavering them. The Barrow Wights Surge into the Sharpstick regiment, wavering them. On the Undead's right flank, the Soul Reaver Cavalry slaughter a pack of Mawbeasts.

TURN 2: The Mawbeasts crest the hill and charge into the Wraiths, but are unable to rout them.

TURN 3: The Sharpstick regiment is wavered and unable to counter-charge. The War Trombone blasts away at the Barrow Wights, causing 3 wounds. The Barrow Wights roll double sixes on their Nerve test (We are Doomed!), but hold, thanks to Jarvis's inspiring presence. Grogger's Goons deal 11 wounds to the Zombie horde, who somehow hold steady. On the Goblins' left flank, the Giant deals 3 wounds to the Soul Reaver Cavalry.

The cavalry counter-charge into the Giant, dealing 8 wounds and miraculously managing to rout it (Nerve roll of 11+8 wounds=19; Giant's Nerve value=17/19). The Werewolves move to charge the Giant's flank, but are surprised when the beast quickly falls to the Soul Reaver cavalry. The Werewolves gird themselves for incoming War Trombone fire. The Wraiths rout a pack of Mawbeasts, temporarily holding the portal on the hill. The Barrow Wights rout the Sharpstick regiment, advancing forward and stopping short of a War Trombone. The Revenants deal 13 wounds to the Sharpstick horde, who remain steady. The Zombies only manage a pitiful three wounds on Grogger’s Goons.

TURN 3: The Soul Reaver Cavalry deal eight wounds to the Giant, who suprisingly routs.
TURN 3: Massive blocks of infantry collide in the middle of the battlefield.

TURN 4: The Trolls counter-charge the Wraiths, dealing three wounds. On the Goblins' left flank, a War Trombone fires 12 shots into the advancing Werewolves, but somehow fails to cause a single wound. Near the center of the battlefield, two War Trombones fire 24 shots into Jarvis's personal bodyguard, only managing five wounds and failing to waver or rout them.

The Sharpstick horde deals five wounds to the Revenants, but is pushed back into the forest. Meanwhile, Grogger's Goons regenerate two wounds before destroying the Zombie horde and turning their attention to the Revenants' flank. On the Goblins' left flank, the Mawbeasts and Soul Reaver Cavalry remain locked in combat.

The Soul Reaver Cavalry rout the Mawbeasts, and the Goblins' left flank begins to collapse. The Wraiths use Fire-Oil to wound the Trolls five times, but the Trolls do not waver. The Barrow Wights charge into the other pack of Trolls, wavering them with eight wounds.

The Revenants break the Shrapstick horde just in time to turn to meet the advancing Goons in the center of the battlefield.

TURN 4: The Barrow Wights are lured into a barrage of War Trombone fire (two Trombones firing 24 shots), but remain unfazed. They charge the Trolls, wavering them.
TURN 4: Grogger's Goons dispatch the Zombies and the Revenants rout the Sharpsticks. The two hordes clash over a portal in the middle of the battlefield as the mounted Necromancer rides to safety.

TURN 5: On the Goblins' left flank, the wavered Trolls back away from the Barrow Wights. If the War Trombones waver or route Jarvis's bodyguards, the Trolls can break for a portal near the center of the battlefield.

On the Goblins’ left flank, the War Trombone deals four wounds to the Soul Reaver Cavalry, which remains steady. The other two War Trombones unload 24 more shots into the Barrrow Wights, managing only six hits and two wounds. The Barrow Wights hold firm, despite a total of two turns’ and 48 shots worth of War Trombone fire. They charge into a pack of Trolls, causing 10 wounds and routing them.

The Trolls and Wraiths continue their stalemate on the hill. The Trolls unload nine hits on the Wraiths, but manage only one wound. Meanwhile, the Revenants hold steady in the face of the Goons’ assault.

The Werewolves charge Grogger himself, forcing the destined one to flee for his life. The Soul Reaver rout one of the War Trombones, decimating the entirety of the Goblins’ left flank.

TURN 5: The War Trombones fire 24 more shots into the Barrow Wights, managing only six hits...
TURN 5: ... and causing a grand total of two wounds. The War Trombonists may be drunk.

TURN 6: The Goons counter-charge into the Revenants, but are unable to waver them. A Goblin War Trombone finally manages to rout the Barrow Wights after causing six more wounds. The other remaining War Trombone wounds the Werewolves four times, but they hold steady. The Trolls on the hill appear to finally rout the Wraiths…but the ghastly apparitions are inspired by Jarvis, who is lurking in the safety of the trees.

The Werewolves charge into—and rout—a War Trombone. The resilient Wraiths finally manage to rout the Trolls and gain control of the portal on the hill. Grogger’s Goons are routed by the Revenants, but the nearby Wiz—wearing the Inspiring Talisman—emboldens them, and they refuse to flee.

As the battle concludes, Jarvis’s Undead hold three portals. A lone War Trombone holds a single portal for the Goblins. Grogger’s Goons and the Revenant horde remain locked in combat, contesting the final portal. Jarvis and his noble Undead are savor a narrow victory.

TURN 6: As the battle comes to a close, the Wraiths finally claim the portal on the hill.
TURN 6: The Soul Reaver Cavalry and Werewolves each control a portal.
The Goblin War Trombone finally routs the Barrow Wight horde and claims a portal.
TURN 6: The Revenants and Grogger's Goons battle over the last portal.
TURN 6: Overhead shot of the final turn.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Constant War Trombone misfire spelled doom for the Goblin force. Grogger successfully lured the Barrow Wights into a trap. Jarvis’s bodyguards were in an open clearing with no cover, surrounded by War Trombones. However, the Goblins were unable to rout or even waver them, despite multiple turns’ worth of fire. Such is life for Goblins.

The Wraiths’ ability to withstand the Troll assault was also important. The Wraiths’ strong defense and useful Fire-Oil allowed them to hold one of Grogger’s more powerful units to a stalemate for much of the battle. If the Trolls had managed to overcome the Wraiths, they would have been able to charge into the flank or rear of either the Barrow Wights or the Revenant horde.

Finally, the Soul Reaver Cavalry’s quick routing of the Giant also spelled doom for the Goblins. The Werewolves and Soul Reavers were only able to secure their portals on the final turn. Had the Giant survived even one turn longer—rather than collapsing after a single charge—the Undead may have been unable to secure the portals that won the battle.

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Kingdoms of Men


  • Alphie says:

    Yeaah Men For the Win

  • lancecannun says:

    @Lit Wick, My wife and I are typically willing to try hobbies together, if only out of curiosity. She is curious about wargaming, and we play now and then. Mantic’s design philosophy (i.e. easy to learn, fast-paced games) help her feel less intimidated. She seems genuinely interested in how the campaign results will affect the game world, and is willing to play along. However, I’m not sure she wants to play on a more regular basis. I will let you know if I figure out how to make that happen.

  • Lit Wick says:

    @lancecannun, what’s your secret in getting your wife to play? Mine generally shares my interests, geeky and otherwise, but hasn’t wanted to start up with Kings of War.

  • lancecannun says:

    Thanks for your comments. My wife has been generous enough to play through the campaign with me. She was understandably happy when she successfully lured the Barrow Wights into a trap, then crestfallen when ineffectual shooting doomed her plan. She is relatively new at this, and still has to learn about dice. Painful, painful dice. I’m just glad that the campaign rules allow me to use the Undead for Good. I couldn’t live with my conscience otherwise.

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Those dice I tell you! Nice report, looked like fun.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    Amazing looking battlefield and armies.
    Congrats on the win for team good 🙂