Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Yellow-Bellied Goblins Fleeing Everywhere...

Kingdoms of Men
VS Goblins

The flanks were fiercely contested. On one end, Jarvis's Barrrow Wights and a troop of Wraiths battled packs of Mawbeasts and a Giant. Exceptional morale results on both sides saw the Barrow Wights smashed to pieces (We are Doomed!), while a pack of mawbeasts held strong, despite suffering 18 wounds. The Giant eventually overwhelmed one flank, while the Revenant Cavalry held the other. Both turned to the middle of the battlefield, where Legions of goblins and Undead were locked in combat. Grogger grew careless, and was separated from a legion of Sharpsticks, whose morale collapsed (We are Doomed!), despite suffering only minor wounds. Without Grogger's inspirational presence, the greenskins fled the battlefield. With this, the center of the Goblin line was crushed, and the Undead began to swarm the remaining Goblin units, who fled in droves. The Giant rushed headlong into the melee, but the tide of battle had swung irrevocably. Jarvis and his noble Undead won the day.

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Kingdoms of Men